Saturday, June 20, 2015

Be WILLING to Go all the WAY

Jesus Christ has called many  to follow Him and He is still calling people to become His disciples but very few are willing to follow Jesus Christ and have eternal life.

We have to be WILLING to follow Jesus and DO what He commands us to do. If we are not willing to give up everything, even ourselves, and follow Jesus Christ then we cannot follow Him, we WILL NOT follow Him.

Most people will not follow Jesus Christ because the COST of following Jesus is too high. Most people are willing to BELIEVE in Jesus but they are not willing to pay the price of discipleship. Jesus said that if we WISH to follow Him we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him every day.  He said that we must be WILLING to sell all our belongings, give it to the poor, abandon everything and follow Him. That is what He MIGHT require of you, but is that exactly what he requires of you? If Jesus does not tell YOU that you have to sell your house, that you  have to resign your job , then He hasn't told you that. We FIRST have to get our relationship with Jesus RIGHT and HEAR His VOICE, LISTEN to Him BEFORE we can follow Him.

Years ago Jesus told me to buy a piece of land, and then He told me to build a house on it and then He told me to sell the house. I had to be WILLING to OBEY Jesus Christ and I HAVE TO be willing to obey Him even now until the end, but we cannot follow Jesus Christ if we do not KNOW Him, if we do not HEAR His VOICE. It starts with our relationship with Him. Selling your things, giving it to the poor, quitting your job, abandoning your studies, that does not make you a disciple of Jesus Christ , you are just ASSUMING things and in the end you will blame God because your life is falling to pieces.

If Jesus Christ is not your REALITY, if your relationship with Him is not such that you absolutely TRUST Him, if you do not HEAR His VOICE and if you are not SURE that you have heard from Him then you cannot follow Him. If you are not sure that Jesus told you to do something DON'T DO IT!, because then you are not following Him,  you are assuming or listening to other people , you are on your own! You must FIRST get your relationship with Jesus RIGHT and hear from HIM before you can follow Him. You cannot follow Him if you do not HEAR His voice, if your relationship with Him is not right. But you have to be willing to go with Him all the way until the very end. He will guide you, He will teach you , He will tell you which job to take, He will lead you to the spouse that He has chosen and prepared for you  as a helper while following Him. But both you and your spouse must follow Jesus Christ or else you will draw each other away form Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ must ALWAYS be FIRST in your life, in your relationships because Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY. If you follow Him you must be WILLING to do HIS WILL, to go where He sends you, but you have to HEAR FROM HIM.

How is your relationship with Jesus Christ? First get your relationship right and then you can follow Him.

May Jesus bless you.

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