Sunday, June 28, 2015

Learn some more

We often become fixed in our ways
because we trust in what we know and we lean on our own understanding
instead of fully trusting Jesus Christ and that is why we get STUCK
in our spiritual life. We think that, that which we know, what we
have learned is the alpha and the omega, that is the beginning and
the end of the story and then we STAY with our understanding, but we
have to trust Jesus Christ and open our spirit, our mind and let Him
teach us. Let Him guide us.
If we get stuck on what we KNOW and
what we have learned, even from the Lord Himself, then we are
trusting on our KNOWLEDGE, on our EXPERIENCE and not on Jesus Christ.
We have to fully trust Jesus and go with Him, LISTEN, WAIT on Him and
He will give us UNDERSTANDING, He will open the WAY in front of us
and we will SEE the LIGHT, we will SEE His way because God does not
conform to what we THINK or what we have LEARNED, or what we believe
to be His way.
Jesus Christ is LORD and we have to
LOVE Him, TRUST Him, FOLLOW Him and OBEY Him in everything. Above all
other things we have to OPEN our mind to Jesus. We have to be
TRANSFORMED by the renewal of our MIND, by the indwelling of the Holy
Spirit or else we will not enter into the kingdom of heaven, we will
not follow Jesus Christ where He takes us.
Trust in the Lord, WAIT on Him, LISTEN
and He will give you understanding. He will teach you NEW THINGS that
you did not know, NEW THINGS that nobody knew because all knowledge
and all revelation belongs to Him. Our God is UNLIMITED. Trust Him
and FOLLOW Him.

May Jesus bless you.  

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