Thursday, June 18, 2015

Better Than Yesterday

Many Christian believers say they have been saved for many years but they do not even know Jesus Christ. The question is: Have we grown closer to Jesus since we have first come to know Him? Is my relationship with Jesus BETTER than last year, yesterday? Do I trust Him MORE? Do I love Him MORE? Have I grown closer to Him? Am I eagerly following Him every day? Do I love Jesus Christ more than anything? Have I become closer to Him than yesterday? Or have I grown COLD? Have I just become religious?

How is my relationship with Jesus Christ? Is He my FIRST LOVE? Do I love Him more than everything and anything? Is Jesus my ALL IN ALL? If He is not then I am just fooling myself. If my love for Jesus is not growing more and more every day through my relationship with Him, then I do not know Him, then I am just fooling myself and then I do not have salvation because I do not have Jesus Christ.

Is our relationship with Jesus closer and better, more intimate, more precious than yesterday?

May Jesus bless you.

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