Monday, June 8, 2015


All forms of ACTING is LIES, STORIES, DECEPTION,  SIN! Acting is not TRUTH. As children of God we have to stop lying, stop acting. The world loves lies, stories, imagination. It cannot distinguish between truth and lies any more and that is why the world does not believe in God. It believes stories, it is deceived.

People do not want to believe the truth. They do not want the truth. People do not want to speak the truth because they think that others will not believe them if they speak the truth, they always have to tell the story BETTER than it is, add onto it - that is LIES.

No liars will go into the kingdom of God. If we love the world and the things of  the world then we will perish, because this world is LIES.  All the things of the world, the riches, the fame, all of it is lies, it will all perish. All that will matter is TRUTH, whether we were pleasing to Jesus, whether we spoke the truth, whether we lived the truth, whether we LOVED the truth.

People love the movies, they love TV, they love STORIES, they love the ACTORS, the CELEBRITIES, they are the famous people of this world but they are an abomination to God because people love lies. This whole world is a lie, they do not want the truth, they do not want Jesus Christ, they want LIES.

People want to believe the lies that they see in the media. the want to believe that they can be famous, that they can have anything that they want, that they can become anything that they want, that they are ALL POWERFUL. In the end they perish because they loved lies and they were liars themselves.

If we want eternal life we have to love the TRUTH. Stop acting, stop lying, stop loving lies and loving stories and seek the truth, live the truth, speak the truth and seek the truth then we will find the truth, we will find Jesus Christ. People do not find Jesus because they are not looking for the truth. The are looking for an excuse to sin. They want to believe that there is no God and therefor they believe lies.

If we love lies we will perish. We have to seek the truth, then we will find it. If we seek the truth Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to us and we will SEE the truth. If we keep on loving lies and going after lies we will perish.

seek the truth, and you will LIVE.

May Jesus bless you.

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