Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Don't look for a church

When people start looking for God they normally look for a church because they think that God lives in a church. God does not live in a building built with bricks, stone and mortar. God is SPIRIT and He gives of His SPIRIT to dwell in humans, mortals, those who KNOW Him, who LOVE Him, who OBEY Him.

God is not in a church. God is where we are at. He knows everything about us, He has always been with us but we have not been aware of Him. We have ignored Him because often we did not know it that God is with us, He has been with us from the beginning and God is trying to get our attention to come to Him, to become aware of Him.

We cannot SEE the kingdom of God because we are SPIRITUALLY BLIND but if we are BORN AGAIN of the SPIRIT OF GOD and of WATER  then we can SEE the kingdom of God. Then He opens our eyes and we see Him, we see His kingdom, we get to KNOW Him.

You find God when you start seeking the TRUTH and Jesus Christ reveals Himself to you. Go on your knees and call out to Jesus. SEEK the truth. ASK Him and He will reveal Himself to you. Then STAY with Him.

Don't go to a church. Don't go to other people.They cannot help you. If they know Jesus they would tell you what I am telling you now. They would tell you to call on Jesus and He will reveal Himself to you.

Go on your knees right where you are and call out to Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him. If we draw closer to Him, He draws closer to us and He will reveal Himself to us.

May Jesus bless you.

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