Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We have DIFFERENT VALUES than the Common Believer

A person who is BORN AGAIN has different values than the COMMON BELIEVER. If you are born again of the Spirit of God then you love Jesus, you want to hear from Him, you want to be pure and holy and acceptable to Him. You WANT to do those things that are pleasing to Him. You don't care what other people say or what they think, you don't care to listen to them, you don't care to read the Bible or other people's books, you care to hear from Jesus because you KNOW HIM.

The COMMON BELIEVER wants to PROVE  his salvation because Jesus Christ is not REAL  to him. The COMMON BELIEVER  cannot stop sinning because he does not care about Jesus Christ, he cares about the world and the things of the world, he cares about the acceptance of people. he does not know Jesus Christ. He doesn't care about the kingdom of God because he cannot see it!  He is not born again. But if you are born again of the Spirit of God you can SEE the kingdom of God, you can HEAR Jesus Christ, you WANT to hear Him, you WANT to LISTEN to Him. You want His Spiritual gifts, whatever He wants to give you, whatever comes from Jesus  YOU WANT. You don't care what comes from the world. All that matters to you is the kingdom of God because you KNOW Jesus Christ,  He IS your LORD and He is your MASTER and you follow Him every day.

Are you born again of the Spirit of God? Do you KNOW Jesus Christ or are you still of the world? Are you worried about what is happening in the world, about losing everything that you have got? About your TV and your friends and whether they like you and whether you fit in? Are you concerned about peer pressure and the people at church?

 If you follow Jesus Christ you are only concerned about Him, you only want to be pleasing to HIM because you have DIFFERENT VALUES. Is Jesus Christ your EVERYTHING? Or are you still of this world?

May Jesus bless you.

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