Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Common Christianity is FAKE is NOT Discipleship

Christianity, as the world knows it is
not the REAL thing, it is not discipleship. It is a FORM of
godliness, just a religion that many people follow and they think
that it will lead to SALVATION, but they do not know Jesus Christ.
There is only ONE WAY to have eternal life and that is Jesus Christ,
to follow Him as a DISCIPLE, to be in close relationship with Him, to
KNOW Him for REAL, to LISTEN to His VOICE, in your spirit, not in
your ears, because GOD IS SPIRIT, to FOLLOW Him and to OBEY Him,
Jesus Christ, and to live your life to please Him; to DENY yourself,
to turn away from doing what YOU want to do, to turn away from sin
and from wickedness, to be HOLY and RIGHTEOUS and to live in UTTER
OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ through a CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with Him.
Most professing Christians do not have
a relationship with Jesus Christ, they don't know Him. Many spend
their lives with Bible study and church activities and they think
that because they are religious they will have eternal life. They
BELIEVE they are saved but they don't know Jesus Christ. They are
SINNERS, they are like the rest of the world, they are FILLED with
HATE and MALICE and FEAR and ANXIETY and they do exactly the same
things that the rest of the world do. They love the world, they watch
the TV, they go the same places. They are worldly HYPOCTITES but they
believe that they have salvation. They are DECEIVED, that is
Christianity, they have a FORM of godliness but they have denied the
power thereof. The POWER is Jesus Christ, knowing and following Him,
seeing His power work IN and THROUGH your life, changing YOU, making
you a son of God, a child of God, a DISCIPLE who follows his MASTER
and who makes other disciples through is TESTIMONY, his relationship
with Jesus Christ.
I can only tell you about Jesus Christ
because I KNOW HIM, because I walk with Him every day, because I hear
His VOICE. You cannot follow Jesus Christ if you do not OBEY Him, if
you are not in close relationship with Him. You cannot KNOW Him, you
cannot know HIM if you are not in close relationship with Him and you
cannot introduce Him to other people. You cannot make disciples of
Jesus Christ, like He commanded, if you yourself are not following
Him and if YOU don't know Him.
If you just practice Christianity YOU
ARE LOST. You have to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and live your
life every moment to please Him. Christianity as the world knows it
is FAKE. Go on your knees and cry out to Jesus, repent of your sin,
come to REALITY, become REAL, honest with yourself.
Do you know Jesus or don't you? Do you
love Him or don't you? If you are not honest and real YOU ARE A FAKE!
Become REAL with Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart and you will
find Him. Jesus Christ is the Only way to eternal life, there are no
other ways. There is only ONE WAY to have SALVATION and that is
Believing IN Jesus will not save you.
Following and OBEYING Him, KNOWING Him for REAL and DOING what is
pleasing to Him, that will save you. If you are not living in CLOSE
RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ then you are LOST and DOOMED. Seek
Jesus before it is for ever too late.

May Jesus bless you.

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