Monday, June 22, 2015

Believing Does Not Change Your Destiny

"Believing does not change your destiny. If you are on the wrong road and you carry on with that road even though you believe that you are on the right road then you will end up at the wrong destination".
Many people believe that they are saved but they are not following Jesus Christ, they are on the WRONG ROAD. They are not obeying Jesus, they are not on His road. They BELIEVE they are SAFE  but they are heading fro destruction.  They foolishly believe that  just believing in Jesus  Christ and what He did on the cross can save them, but they are on the wrong road. They do the things that He hates, they deny Him, they reject Him but they believe that they will spend eternity with Him. They are foolish!

If you are on the wrong road you will end up at the wrong place. If you do not follow Jesus Christ and you do not obey Him you will end up in HELL, in DAMNATION.

Who are you following? Are you following Jesus Christ or are you following your own desires and satan, and the rest of the world that believes that it is saved but it is not following or obeying Jesus Christ?

 Are you believing LIES or are you believing the TRUTH? If you believe the truth you will get on the RIGHT ROAD AND YOU WILL END UP AT THE RIGHT DESTINATION but if you keep on believing lies you will end up in HELL. Are you believing the TRUTH? Are you following Jesus Christ? Do you obey His words as they are recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Those are the words of eternal life for those who OBEY them and who DO what Jesus commanded.

Are you DOING every day what Jesus commanded or do you just believe that you are saved? You will be terribly disappointed when you get to the end of your road.

Follow and OBEY Jesus Christ, or you will PERISH.

May Jesus bless you.

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