Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Don't waste your time with Jesus if you are not SERIOUS

If you are not DEAD SERIOUS about following Jesus Christ then you should not start following Him. Jesus said that we must COUNT THE COST before we decide to follow Him. It will cost you EVERYTHING if you follow Jesus. Jesus said that if we WISH to come after Him we must DENY ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him EVERY DAY.

If you follow Jesus Christ you will have to GIVE UP EVERYTHING. You WILL be rejected, you will be HATED, you will have to SACRIFICE, you might have to sacrifice your life to follow Jesus Christ. You will have to OBEY Him and live your life to please HIM, not yourself. You will have to give your UTMOST for Him because He gave His life for us.

If we are not willing to willing to FOLLOW and OBEY Him we are not worthy of Him. Jesus expects our UTMOST BEST. We cannot give Him the scraps or what is left over. Don't think that you can just fall on your knees before you go to bed and say a quick prayer. It is not acceptable to Him.  He does not want your scraps.

Do not give Jesus a LAME OFFERING. In the times of Moses when people had to bring an offering to the temple some of them took their lame sheep, or their sick animals - that is a lame offering. If you give to Jesus you have to give your BEST not your scraps. He wants the BEST of your TIME, the best of everything because He is WORTHY. He wants UTTER OBEDIENCE. It will cost you EVERYTHING  to follow Jesus Christ.

Many churches make it EASIER THAN IT IS. They say you must just BELIEVE IN JESUS,  that is a lie. Go and read the words of Jesus in the gospels and COUNT THE COST. Are you WILLING to give up everything to follow Jesus?

If you are not DEAD SERIOUS, He will not answer your prayers. Many people want to hear from Jesus but they are not willing to pray, they are not willing to WAIT ON HIM. They are not willing to LABOR in prayer, to WRESTLE with God in prayer. They will get NOTHING. If you are not willing to put EVERYTHING into your relationship with Jesus Christ you are WASTING YOUR TIME. He is WORTHY of our UTMOST and He will accept nothing but the BEST.

If you do not offer Him EVERYTHING and your very BEST it is not good enough and He will reject it, He will reject YOU. We have to give Him our UTMOST, EVERYTHING that we have, we have to offer Him or else we are not worthy of Him.

If you are not willing to give up everything for Jesus Christ, you are wasting your time, you WILL NOT enter the kingdom of Heaven. If you are not that serious then you cannot be His disciple and you are not worthy of Him. Follow Jesus with ALL your power or just don't bother because you are wasting your time.

May Jesus bless you.

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