Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Living in the JOY and PEACE of Jesus Christ

All those who hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and who believe, who accept Him as their Lord and Master, all of those experience a JOY and PEACE that passes all understanding. But after a few days, for most of those people, that JOY and PEACE has disappeared. Why is that?

We can only experience the joy and the peace  of Jesus Christ as long as we are IN Him and WITH Him, as long as we OBEY Him. If we disobey Jesus Christ then we lose that joy and that peace. We only have that joy and peace as long as we are IN the will of God, as long as we obey Jesus, as long as we follow Him.

Most Christian believers do not have that joy and peace because they are in disobedience, they are not following Jesus. They are going after their own desires, they have not repented of their futile lifestyle. They are living for themselves, not for the kingdom of God. They did not really  BELIEVE the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said:"Whoever WISHES to come after Me MUST deny himself, pick up his cross every day and come here, follow Me." If we are not willing to dive up everything for Jesus and then go after Him then we are not worthy of Him.  He said:"Sell your things and give to the poor and then come here and follow Me." Then you will have that joy and peace of Jesus because you are WITH Him and in His will all the time, but if you don't go after Him and if you don't seek His will and you don't do His will then you will not have joy and peace, you will be worried and concerned about your salvation because YOU ARE LOST.

Most Christian believers are LOST because they are not following Jesus Christ, they are not in His will. They do not seek His will. they want to live their lives THEIR WAY. They want to have A LIFE  and they want Jesus to support and sponsor them while they do their own things. We can only have joy and peace if we GO WITH JESUS Christ, if we seek Him every day, wait on Him LISTEN, FOLLOW, GO where he TELLS US, DO what He tells us to do, if we submit ourselves to Him and we ASK Him to guide us.

If you do not have the joy ad peace of Jesus Christ, then go on your knees and ASK Him to show you WHY you do not have His joy and peace. Where have you gone wrong? Is there sin in your life? Or are you just not following Him?

We can only have His joy and peace if we are IN His will, DOING what is pleasing to Him.

Do you have the joy and the peace? If not, go on your knees , repent, and ask HIM to show you what HE wants you to do, every day, until the very end of your life. Live your life for Jesus and IN obedience to Him and you WILL be in His joy and His peace. If you leave Him you will PERISH. Stay with Jesus until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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