Thursday, June 4, 2015

Who is your BOSS?

If you follow Jesus Christ then He becomes your BOSS. You willfully submit to Him and you OBEY Him, you REPENT, that means you TURN AWAY from doing what you want to do and you do what He commands, you OBEY Him. You do not only stop sinning and going after your own lusts and the pleasures of the flesh but you go after the WILL OF GOD.

How can you follow Jesus if you cannot see Him? You OBEY the gospel of Jesus Christ. Firstly you go on your knees, you repent and you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and your Master, your BOSS, to OBEY Him and to SERVE Him for the rest of your life. You immediately change your ways, you immediately get your focus on Jesus Christ and doing His will. You OBEY Him, you are baptized in water and then He promised His SPIRIT, the Holy Spirit, to be IN you to GUIDE you every step of the way.

If we do not have the Spirit of Christ IN US, His very own presence, then we cannot follow Him. If we do not OBEY Him then He is not our BOSS. Then we ourselves are the BOSS.

If I do what I like to do. I do what I feel like doing. I follow my own desires, my own ambitions, and then I AM THE BOSS, Jesus Christ is not the boss.

If Jesus Christ is not EVERYTHING in my life then He is not my LORD, He is not my MASTER and I do not belong to His kingdom. Then I am the boss, I am the king and I serve myself.

We need to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ. We need to be baptized in water and SEEK the Holy Spirit, the INFILLING with His Spirit who will guide us and teach us and show us the way, every day, until the very end. If we stop following Him then we do not serve Him any more. We need to KEEP ON FOLLOWING, OBEYING and SERVING Jesus Christ as the BOSS of our lives UNTIL THE VERY END.

Reading the Bible, going to church, being religious, praying my own little prayers and doing my own little thing cannot save me. We have to be led by the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. Those who are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. If you are led by the Spirit of God then Jesus Christ is your BOSS.

Who is your boss? Is Jesus Christ your boss. If Jesus Christ is not your boss then you are LOST and you will perish in DAMNATION.

May Jesus bless you.

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