Saturday, June 13, 2015

Do not be shaken FOLLOW Jesus Christ

The only way that we will have eternal life is if we follow Jesus Christ EVERYDAY and keep on following Him until the very end of our lives.

If we withdraw or look back then we are not worthy of Jesus Christ. The devil will do his utmost best to distract us and stop us from following Jesus Christ. If we allow ourselves to be distracted and shaken then we will perish. It is only those who follow Jesus and who endure until the very end that will be saved. We are in the PROCESS of being saved AS LONG AS WE FOLLOW Jesus Christ, but we have to stay WITH HIM until the very end, until we go through that very narrow door into the kingdom of Heaven.

If we quit and stop following Jesus Christ before the end of the road then we are LOST and we will end up in damnation. We have to STAY with Jesus Christ until the very end.

Only Jesus Christ KNOWS the WAY. He IS the WAY. We have to follow HIM , HEAR His VOICE, LISTEN to Him, OBEY, FOLLOW Him, EVERY DAY, EAGERLY follow Him and DO what He commands, or else we will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Do not be SHAKEN, STAY FOCUSED on Jesus and FOLLOW Him until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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