Friday, September 8, 2017

Church and Bible Study is NOT the way to Salvation

Many people wrongly
believe that if they belong to a church that they will have
salvation, they will go to heaven when they die. Others believe that
if they study the Bible that, that will secure their salvation. That
is not the truth. There's only one way to have salvation and that is
to repent, stop sinning, be baptized in water and to obey Jesus
John the Baptist was sent
to prepare the people for the coming of Jesus Christ. He did not come
with Church stories and Bible study, he preached repentance and he
baptized those who repented. When the hypocrites of the time, the
church people the Sadducees and the Pharisees, when they came to also
be baptized he rebuked them, he said:"You brood of vipers, who
warned you to flee the wrath to come? First go and bear fruit in
keeping with repentance and then come to be baptized." He warned
that Jesus is coming and He will clean His threshing floor through
and through. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will get cut
down and burned. All sinners will perish.
There is no way that you
will have salvation or come into the presence of God if you live in
sin. You cannot accept Jesus into your life if you do not repent and
be baptized for the washing off of your sin. Jesus does not cohabit
with sinners. He has nothing to do with the willful sinners. You
first have to repent, turn away from your sin, clean up your life, be
baptized in water and show that you are serious about following
Jesus, and then you can have salvation, then you can come to Jesus,
and he will reveal Himself to you. Bible study will not save you. It
is the gospel of Jesus Christ that saves you, if you obey Him the
words of Jesus are recorded in the gospel Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John. You can read those four books in a day. You don't need to study
the Bible. You just need to obey Jesus Christ. Repent, turn away from
your sin, and be baptized in water. Call on Jesus and He will save
you. He will reveal Himself to you and you will know Him for real,
and then you can follow Him and obey Him. Only then can you have
salvation. As long as you live in sin you are separated from God
because sin separates man from God. Without holiness no man will see
God. Without holiness no man will enter into the kingdom of heaven.
It is not about church and
fellowship and Bible study, it is about our relationship with a
Living God, Jesus Christ. But first you have to repent. First you
have to stop sinning because you cannot come close to God if you live
in sin. He will not listen to your prayer. God does not answer the
prayers of sinners. God has nothing to do with willful sinners,but
if we repent, turn away from our evil ways, then He will accept us
as His children and He will be a father to us. Do not be deceived by
church and Bible study and all the theories of men. Repent of your
sin, be baptized in water and invite Jesus Christ into your life.
Live holy and righteous and obey the commands of Jesus Christ. He
will reveal Himself to you. He will teach you, He will guide you. You
will be a child of God. There is only one way to have salvation and
that is to follow and obey Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.

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