Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Miracle of Meeting Jesus

To meet Jesus Christ is a
miraculous experience, an experience that you can hardly describe or
explain with words. The words of the song "He touched me"
comes close to explaining what it feels like when you meet with
Jesus. The song says:"He touched me, and oh the joy that floods
my soul. Something happened and now I know, He touched me."
We read in Luke 24 about
the disciples that were on the way to Emmaus after Jesus was
crucified, and Jesus met up with them. They did not realize that it
was Jesus. He walked with them and He talked with them. They invited
Him in when they got to their destination and He ate with Him and
broke bread and then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him,
and afterwards they said:"Were our hearts not
burning inside of us when
we were with Him," and that is the experience that you have when
you meet with Jesus Christ.
Many people have met with
Jesus, and many believe that having met with Jesus, they are saved.
Many have, after hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, repeated a
sinner's prayer after somebody else, and they really met with Jesus.
They experienced the miracle of meeting with Jesus Christ, but then
after that they were told that:"Now you are saved, now you will
go into heaven." That is not the truth. That is a lie, because
if you look at most Christians they are not like Jesus. They will
tell you that they are saved but they are like the rest of the world.
If we meet with Jesus, we experience Him in a wonderful way, but it
is only if we stay with Jesus that we become like Him, if we follow
Jesus and obey Him. And that is the mistake that most of people make,
they do not stay with Jesus. They do not spend time with Jesus. If
you spend time with Jesus, then you have that miraculous experience.
Many people just pray, they pray to the roof, they just pray a
senseless repetition of words, things that come into their mind, but
they do not meet with Jesus. They go away after praying and they are
still the same. They are not changed.
If you have met with Jesus
you are changed, because you meet with the King of kings, the Lord of
lords, the God of the universe. You experience His Holiness, His
majesty, and your own inadequacy. You realize that you need Him. You
realize how holy He is and that you have to repent, your are so
unworthy. You have to humble yourself to come into His presence; but
most believers have not met with Jesus and they do not meet with
Jesus. They do not spend time with Him. If you have been with Jesus
you are humbled, you are changed. The more you spend time with Jesus,
the more you are changed and that is why we have to follow Him and
stay with Him.
Most Christians profess to
be sinners. It is because they associate with, they live with
sinners. They are sinners, they are doomed they are going to hell.
They are on the wrong road. If you follow Jesus you will not sin, you
will do what is pleasing to Him. You will be changed into His
likeness. Many claim to be saved but they are sinners. They are
conformed to the world. They love the things of the world, they love
the riches of the world. They are ambitious, selfish, no different
from anybody else, no different from unbelievers but still they claim
they are saved. What are they saved from? They are not saved from the
lust of the flesh or the desires for the things of the world. They
are not saved from sin. They are in bondage because they do not go
with Jesus. Maybe they've met with Jesus and then they turned away
from Him. They went back to the world, they went back to their own
ways. If we do not stay with Jesus and go after Him and we will not
enter His kingdom. It is only if we stay with Jesus every day, if we
meet with Him every day that we become like Him, that His Spirit
fills us and that others can see that you have been with Jesus.
Often you see people have
been to church, because they are dressed up like peacocks, they are
arrogant, religious. You see people have been to certain places, they
have been to the movies, they have been to the ballgame because, they
are like the people at the ballgame, but they haven't been with
Jesus. If a person has been with Jesus you can see it. You can know
that he's been with the Living God. If a person walks with Jesus and
follows Him, he is different from the rest of the world, because he's
walking with God, he's walking with a King, he's following the
Master. He is a sheep of the Master. Very few believers follow Jesus.
Very few believers are like Jesus because they're not disciples,
they are just deceived. They think they are saved but they haven't
been with a Master, they haven't been with Jesus, they are not with
Jesus, they are not following Him; they are on the broad road to
If we follow Jesus we will
obey His words. We will sin no more. We will be like Him. We will do
the things that He commands us to do. We will serve Him and honor
Him. We will be changed into His likeness.
Have you been with Jesus?
Have you experienced the miracle of meeting Jesus? Did you stay with
Him? Did you obey Him? Have you stayed with Him and been filled with
His Holy Spirit? Are you being filled every day with Jesus because
you spent time with Him. Are you being with Jesus? Are you following
Him? Are you being saved or are you lost, doomed, on your way to
hell. Those who follow Jesus are being saved, they are on that
journey that ends in the kingdom of heaven, if they follow Jesus
Christ until the end, if they stay with Him, if they endure with Him
He will guide them every step of the way until eventually they enter
into the kingdom of heaven. We have to endure with Jesus. We have to
stay with Jesus. We have to be with Jesus every day, every moment,
until the very end. Where are we? Are we on our own, out in the cold,
in the world, or are we with Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.


  1. I finally found someone who talks the same things He has shown me, but ppl say I am in "error".

    1. Jesus can only be real to us if we have met Him, dear friend. May Jesus bless you.