Thursday, September 28, 2017

Salvation - Where to start following Jesus

Salvation is not an easy
matter, like so many have been told and made to believe. It is not
about just believing in Jesus Christ, but it is about submitting to
Him, following and obeying him until the very end, living our lives
to please Him. Salvation will cost you. It will cost you everything.
it might even cost you your life.
The only way to have
salvation is to follow and obey Jesus Christ, to give up everything
for Him, and to do what He requires of us. The first thing that you
need to do, if you want to have salvation, is to make up your mind
whether you are willing to sacrifice your life, everything to give up
everything to follow and obey Jesus Christ. You have to count the
cost and make up your mind whether you are willing to submit to Jesus
and to live as He requires of you, and to do what He requires of you.
If you are not willing to do that you will be wasting your time.
If you have made up your
mind that you do not want to live the way that you are doing now and
end up in hell, and would rather follow and obey Jesus Christ, then
you need to speak to Jesus. Go on your knees and humble yourself
before Him. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Accept Him
as your Lord and your Master and submit yourself to Him. Call out to
Him for forgiveness of your past sins. Repent of those sins, plead
His forgiveness, with remorse and contriteness, and commitment to
follow and obey Jesus Christ until the end of your life, to
immediately stop sinning and remove from your life those things that
Jesus does not approve of, all sin, all unrighteousness; to submit
your life to Him to live your life to please Him, as a sacrifice and
to Jesus.
You have to be committed
to immediately stop sinning, turn away from your lifestyle of sin,
lustfulness, self-gratification and going after the things of the
world, and you must be intent on following Jesus and obeying Him, and
on living according to His commands, to submit your life to Him
totally. Pray, cry out to Jesus ask His forgiveness, with sincerity
of heart and commit yourself to Him to follow and obey Him, and He
will give you a peace in your heart like you have never experienced
The next thing you do is
you obey Jesus and you are baptized in water, for the washing off of
your sin, so that you can bury your old life, the old man of sin, in
the water and come out of that water, a new man, a new woman, born
again and ready to follow and obey Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ
promised His Holy Spirit to come and dwell in, and be with those who
commit to follow Him and who repent and who are baptized in water.
Ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit, His Spirit, who will be
with you until the very end, He will never leave you and He will
never forsake you, but will guide you into all truth.
People ask which part of
the Bible they must read. Read the words of Jesus, the gospel as
recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, those are the words of
eternal life, to those who obey them. Jesus Christ is the only way.
His words are the only words that can save if we obey them. Those who
disobey Jesus will perish. Read the words of Jesus and let them speak
to you. Read them prayerfully, and let the Holy Spirit make them come
alive in you, to bring life in you.
Pray for the Baptism and
the Holy Spirit, yearn for Jesus dwelling inside of you. Clean up
your life. The Holy Spirit will convict you all the things that He
wants you to change, things that you have to get rid of, changes that
you have to make in your life, in order to be pleasing to Jesus. Obey
the Holy Spirit when He speaks in your heart.
Do not run after people.
Do not look for other Christians. Do not look for people to follow,
but work on your relationship with Jesus Christ. Seek Him in prayer.
Let your mind be on Jesus. Let the words of Jesus Christ be in your
mind and let His Spirit fill you. Be responsive. Pray ask Him to put
His mind, His thoughts into you, and He will speak to you, in your
spirit. He will reveal Himself to you and you will get to know Him
for real.
To follow Jesus Christ is
all about our relationship with Him, which is a spiritual
relationship; His Spirit together with our spirit, us yielding to Him
and doing what He requires of us. Do not doubt Jesus but put your
mind on Him. Put your heart on Him. Seek Him with all your heart.
Work on your relationship with Him, through prayer. Dedicate your
life to Him and obey Him, obey His words and obey when His Spirit
speaks in your heart. Do not doubt Him. Do not ask other people their
advice and their opinion. Trust Jesus and He will guide you. He will
reveal Himself to you. He will speak to you in dreams and visions and
He will speak to you in your spirit, in various ways. You will see
the hand of God moving in your life, and if you stay with Jesus you
will get to know Him better and better every day.
Dedicate your life to
Jesus and seek Him with all your heart. Let Him fill your life, your
heart, your whole being, and He will be a father to you, and you will
be a child to Him. It is all about our relationship with Jesus,
knowing Him as Lord, serving Him as Master and experiencing Him as
God Almighty. Seek Him with all your heart, obey Him, and stay with
Him until the very end.
May Jesus bless you.

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