Thursday, September 21, 2017

Come to Jesus or you will perish

There is only one person
who can save us from hell and that is Jesus Christ, Himself, but the
world is perishing, people are going into hell because they do not
want to come to Jesus. They reject Jesus Christ. They want salvation
and they want the things that Jesus can give them but they don't want
Believers want to believe
in Jesus for salvation but they do not want to have anything to do
with Him. They do not want to follow Him nor obey Him. Jesus said to
the Pharisees ,who were the scribes and Bible believers of the time,
He said to them:"You diligently search the scriptures, in there
to find eternal life but you refuse to come to Me to have life."
A rich young man came to Jesus and he asked Him what he must do to
have eternal life, and Jesus said to him:"Keep the
commandments." He said:"I've done that since my youth,"
and Jesus said to him:"If you want to be perfect, sell all your
things, come here, follow Me." The rich man was grieved and he
turned away because he did not want to follow Jesus Christ. We read
in Matthew 23 Jesus lamented over Jerusalem. He said:"Jerusalem,
Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets; how often did I not want to
gather you like a hen or chicks but you were unwilling." People
are unwilling to come to Jesus, they are unwilling to stay with
Jesus. Jesus.
Christ is the way the
truth and the life, there is no other. Without Jesus there is no
future. If we reject Jesus, we reject eternal life. Many just want to
come to Jesus for healing and salvation but they don't want to stay
with Him because the conditions of staying with Jesus or hard, they
are tough. Jesus said:"Whoever wishes to come after me must deny
himself every day, pick up his cross and come here follow Me."
He said we have to take His yoke upon us and follow Him. He said that
if we love Him we will obey His commands, but people don't want to do
that. They want their freedom, they want to live their lives to
please themselves. They want to enjoy the pleasures of sin. They
don't want Jesus Christ. They want to run after their own ambitions,
they do not want to submit to Jesus Christ and that is why they will
perish. The reason why people will go into hell is because they
reject Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only way and the truth and
the life there is no other, He is the door and He will decide who
will go into heaven and who not. He will say to many believers in
that day that they die, and they stand before Him:"I never knew
you, you workers of wickedness." They believed in Him. They
might have been preachers, they might have had the own ministry, but
they were doing their own thing. They were not following and obeying
We have to come to Jesus,
submit ourselves to Him and live our lives to please Him to have
entry into His kingdom, to become part of His kingdom. Without Jesus
we have no hope. If we do not follow and obey Him and if we do not
stay with Him until the very end, if we do not truly love Him, we
will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Do you love Jesus? Are you
following Him? Are you seeking to please Him? Do you have Jesus? Do
you have His approval? Do you have hope of eternal life? Without
Jesus you have no hope of future, no expectation. Do not reject
Jesus. Come to Jesus and stay with Jesus until the very end or else
you will perish.
May Jesus bless you.

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