Saturday, September 16, 2017

Have you been with Jesus?

Jesus Christ, the risen
Lord and Savior, reveals Himself to those who seek Him and they
experience Him in His glory, His holiness and His majesty, and they
are for ever changed, because they have met the King, they have met
the Lord of lords and the King of kings. Most professing Christians
have never met Jesus Christ. They do not know Him. They have never
had a revelation of Jesus Christ.
Most professing Christians
are busy with dead religious practices. They pray, they go to church,
they read the Bible, but they have not had a revelation of Jesus, and
they have never been with Him. They do not know Him. If we have not
met Jesus we cannot know Him, we cannot testify about Him, we cannot
talk about Him because He's not real to us. But if we seek Him with
all our heart and if we draw close to Him, then he draws close to us
and He reveals Himself to us, we know Him for real. He comes and
lives with us. He reveals Himself to us. He will teach us and He will
guide us. He gives His Spirit in us to comfort us, to always be with
us and we experience Jesus Christ for real, everyday.
Many have experienced
Jesus but then they've turned away from Him, they have forgotten
their experience, their revelation. Many have turned back to the
world and the memory of the experience with Jesus has grown faint. We
have to stay with Jesus and meet with Jesus every day. We have to go
after Him. We have to be with Jesus to be following Him, to be
pleasing to Him.
Many people go and pray,
they pray for hours; many fast but they've never been with Jesus.
They have just repeated many words, their own mind, their own
thoughts, and they go away empty-handed, because they've never been
with Jesus. They did not seek Jesus, they were busy with dead
religious practices.
Have you met with Jesus?
Have you had revelation of Jesus? Are you walking with Jesus? Have
you had revelation of Jesus today? Did He speak to you? What did He
say to you? Are you in tune with Jesus and with what is happening in
the kingdom of God? Have you been with the King? Are you following
Him? His sheep listen to His voice and they follow Him. His Spirit
dwells in them and guides them and teaches them, tells them things to
come. Their relationship is with Jesus, not with people. They follow
the King, they follow the Master, the Shepherd. Have you been with
Jesus today? Are you with Him? Are you following Him? Are you obeying
Him? Are you doing what is pleasing to Him or have you strayed from
Him? Have you met Jesus and does He speak to you? Is He pleased with
you? Do you seek confirmation from Him that He is pleased with you,
or do you base your faith and your hope of salvation on Bible verses,
on what other people say, to you while you have no relationship with
Jesus Himself? He will say to many in that day:"Go away, I never
knew you," because they never met Him and they haven't been with
Him. Many did not stay with Him. Have you been with Jesus and are you
following Him every day?
May Jesus bless you.

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