Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Salvation is NOT a FREE GIFT

Salvation is not a free gift from God to all who would accept it, without any conditions attached to it. That is a lie from satan that has been preached in many churches and that is deceiving many, and taking many people to hell. The wages of sin is death. All men have sinned and come short of the glory of God and they are doomed for damnation because of sin, but Jesus Christ came to take away the sin of the world. Jesus Christ paid the price for the sin of those who accept Him and who obey Him, those who follow Him. Jesus Christ is the only one who can save us from damnation, and the only way to be saved is to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, His words as also recorded in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The only way to have salvation is to repent of sin, to turn away from sin, and to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Master, to serve and obey Him.  Jesus commands that we repent turn, away from sin, turn away from going after the desires of our flesh, and come after Him, follow Him; be baptized in water for the washing off of our sin and then  sin no more. If we keep on sinning we will perish. If we do not follow and obey Jesus Christ we will perish. Jesus Christ is the only way, and not many will follow Jesus.

Not many people are willing to give up the pleasures of sin and the love for the world and therefore not many will be saved. Not many are willing to obey Jesus Christ and go after Him. If we obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, repent, turn away from sin, stop sinning, turn away from going after our own desires, and go after Jesus, and we are baptized in water as He commanded, then Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to us. He will come and dwell with us and in us. He will accept us as children of God, but then we have to serve Him as children of God. He will give His Holy Spirit, to come and dwell in us, to be with us, to guide us and to teach us, but we have to keep ourselves holy and acceptable to Him. We must obey His words, live according to his commandments, sin no more, but do what He commanded, and then He will guide us by his Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will teach us and will guide us. The Holy Spirit will tell us at things in the future, will tell us things to come. The Holy Spirit will comfort us and be with us until the end, but we have to stay with Jesus. We have to be faithful to Him. Jesus warned that not many will be saved. He said:"Strait is the gate and narrow is the door that leads to life and few there be that find it." Very few are willing to follow Jesus Christ. Very few obey His words and get into that real relationship with Him where they receive His Holy Spirit and they are led by the Holy Spirit. Those who are being led by the Spirit of God, they are the children of God, not those who just believe in Jesus for salvation.

We need to know Jesus and He needs to know us. Our  relationship with Him must be real. You will say to many people on the day that they die, He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you." Many of those will be believers. They believed the lies that they heard in churches. They believed that they only had to believe in Jesus Christ and accept His "free gift" of salvation. We cannot work for our salvation. We cannot earn it. We cannot buy it, but we have to accept the only opportunity that we have to escape the damnation of hell and that opportunity is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord, to obey Him, to follow Him, to live for Him, to stay with Him until the very end. We have to strive hard every day to be pleasing to Jesus. We have to deny ourselves earthly pleasures. We have to deny ourselves the things of this world and we have to go after Jesus. We have to do His will, serve Him as Lord and Master.

 Salvation is not just a free gift to those who would accept it and then join a church. Salvation is the prize for those who obey Jesus Christ the turn away from sin, turn away from the pleasures of the world, turn away from satisfying themselves, and live to please Jesus, that serve Jesus Christ the King and who endure with Him until the very end. If we endure with Jesus until the end and we are pleasing to Him, we will only finally be saved and know that we are saved the day that we die. You do not win the prize before you have finished the race. We have to follow Jesus until the very end and endure with Him until the end, to win that prize of eternal life. Do not be deceived by the lie that salvation is a free gift. Salvation is Jesus Christ, to follow and obey Him, to go after Him and to stay with Him until the very end. Those who turn away from Jesus will perish. Jesus Christ is the way the life and the truth. Those who reject Him will perish. Those who do not endure with Him until the end will perish. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, repent and be baptized, and follow Jesus Christ until the very end and you will have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

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