Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Will you stay with Jesus until the end?

Jesus Christ is not just
the Savior, He is Lord. All power and all authority belongs to Him
and He reigns. Very few Christian believers understand that. Most
just believe in Him but they have not submitted themselves to the
King of kings and the Lord of lords. They do not know Him as a Lord.
They only know about Him and they believe in Him. Jesus Christ is the
way, He is the truth He is the life. Without Jesus we can do nothing.
If we do not submit to Jesus and serve Him as Lord, then we cannot be
part of His kingdom.
The only way to have
salvation is to turn to Jesus, to accept Him; not just as our Savior
but as our Master and to serve Him as Master, as Lord, to submit to
Him as our King, to serve Him and to stay with Him until the very
end. If we do not stay with Jesus, we will not have salvation. Jesus
is Lord. He is Almighty. All power and all authority belongs to Him.
Yet He does not force anybody to follow Him. He does not force
anybody to believe in Him, but those who believe in Him, who know who
He is, they submit themselves to Him. They submit their lives to Him.
They stay with Him until the very end because they know that is the
only way.
Jesus will decide who will
enter Heaven and who will not. He will say to most believers:"Go
away, I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." They never
got to know Him. They never stayed with Him. Most believers have been
deceived by a false gospel, a gospel that says you only need to
believe in Jesus, but we need to serve Jesus as Lord. We need to know
Him as Lord. If we believe in Jesus and we obey His words, repent of
sin and of ourselves, of serving ourselves, and we submit to Him,
obey Him, be baptized in water, obey His words, live according to His
words, his commands that he gave, that are recorded in the Gospels,
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; if we submit to Jesus He will reveal
Himself to us we will get to know Him for real. But if we do not
regard Him as Lord and we do not serve Him, if we despise Him we will
never know Him.
Most believers do not know
Jesus. They just know about Him, they have a false image of Jesus
that they serve. They are busy with dead religious practices. They
go to church, they don't go to Jesus. They read the Bible, they don't
listen to Jesus. They don't know His voice. They follow people, they
do not follow Jesus. They fear man they do not fear Jesus. They
respect people, they do not respect Jesus. They are faithful to their
church but they deny Jesus all the time. If we deny Him, He will deny
us. We have to walk with Jesus, we have to follow Him every day. If
we obey His words, repent and be baptized in water, and we seek Him
with all our heart, submit our lives to Him, live for Him, He will
come and dwell with us. He will give His Spirit in us to teach us, to
guide us. But we have to stay with Him, if we turn away from Him we
will perish.
Most believers do not stay
with Jesus. Many never came to Jesus. Many leave Jesus as soon as
trials and tribulations come. Will we stay with Jesus until the end?
Will we stay with Him when we are rejected by people for the sake of
Jesus? Will we stay with Jesus when He guides us where we did not
plan to go, when we have to give up our own plans and our own
ambitions to go after Him. Will we stay with Him or do we go after
our own desires? If He takes us through the valleys of darkness and
despair through sickness and pain and loss, do we follow Him. Do we
stay with Him, or do we turn away from Him? Do we go after Jesus and
His approval or are we going after our own desires, after success and
the pleasures of this world? Do we love Jesus more than everything or
do we love the world? If we have to choose between pleasing our
family, our wife our husband, our children and people, whom do we
choose? Do we choose to please Jesus and do what He requires or do we
rather please people? Whom do we listen to? Do you rather listen to
the TV and the news and the things that are dished up to us by the
media or do we follow Jesus? Do we listen to the doctor or do we
listen to Jesus Christ? Where do we get our advice from? Is Jesus
really our Master and our Lord? Do we really serve Him as Lord? Do
we give Him the honor and the praise, the respect that is due to the
King of kings and the Lord of lords? Is He our Master or do we have
other masters? Will we stay with Jesus and serve Him, regard Him,
respect Him, fear Him as Lord until the very end? If we don't, He
will refuse us. He will reject us, because Jesus is the way, He is
the only way. There is no other. If we don't have Jesus and if we
don't stay with Him until the very end we will perish.
Do we have Jesus? Have we
submitted to Him as Lord did we regard Him above all things, and do
we stay with Him in all circumstances, pleasant or unpleasant,
favorable or unfavorable? Do we go with Jesus or do we leave Him. He
will never leave us, He will never forsake us, but if we leave Him He
will not hold us back, and in the end He will say:"I never knew
you. you worker of wickedness. You would not stay with Me. Why do you
want to come and be with Me now at the end of your life that you
wasted on yourself? Will we stay with Jesus until the very end? If
you want life, obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, repent, repent of
sin, repent of your own will, your own ambitions, your own ways, your
the love for the world, your respect for any people. Turn away from
all of that and submit yourself to Jesus. Die to self. Be baptized in
water, to bury the old man, and for the washing off of your sin, and
then come out of that water a new man, born again, determined to
follow and obey Jesus Christ. Accept Him as your King, your Lord your
Master. Serve Him as Lord and He will come and dwell with you. He
will guide you and He will teach you. He will take you through many
things, many unpleasant things, but you will get to know Him as Lord
and King and Master, you will know Him for real.
Will you stay with Jesus
until the very end or will you be disappointed when He tells you to
go away because you would never regard Him as Lord, you would never
serve Him, you wouldn't stay with Him? Will you stay with Jesus until
the end of your life?
May Jesus bless you.

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