Friday, September 15, 2017

Judgement is Coming Worse than Irma and Harvey

Judgment is coming. The
wrath of God is coming, worse than hurricanes Irma and Harvey. That
is because of sin, because the people have turned away from God and
they sin without restraint. Judgment will start in the house of God,
in the churches, because they should be warning the people to repent
but they themselves did not repent.
The preachers are
preaching grace, prosperity, and tolerance, instead of repentance.
The churches are filled with professing sinners. Their confession of
faith is:"We are all sinners." They are not children of
God, there are children of satan, because they do the works of satan.
The preachers have not warned them to repent. They are twisting the
words from God. They are making the gospel of Jesus Christ powerless
through their preaching. The message of Jesus Christ is repentance.
Those who do not obey Him, who do not repent, will perish. Sudden
destruction will come on them. Many preachers will be taken out.
Their churches will cease to exist because they are robbers dens. The
churches are filled with willful sinners, filled with immorality and
righteousness, lies, homosexuality, all the things that God hates;
they do not only do them but they promote them.
Judgment will start in the
house of God, those who profess to be Christians, because they should
be the light of the world. If the salt has lost its saltiness it is
worth nothing, and it's only good to be thrown on the road and
trampled upon. The church should be the light of the world but they
are darkness themselves, and therefore God will judge them. God will
judge the church and He will judge the people because they have
turned away from God. Wickedness has increased because people refuse
to repent, they refuse to turn away from their sin. Christians will
quote you scriptures and motivate their sin and their wickedness. God
is pure and holy, without holiness no man shall see God. Believers
have been deceived because they want to be deceived.
We all know the truth. The
truth is written in our hearts. God has given it in our conscience,
we know right from wrong. Nobody will have any excuse when we stand
before Jesus Christ in judgment, but people refuse to turn away from
their sins. They refuse to turn away from their lusts and their love
for the things of the world. They hate God, they mock God. Many
believe that they have salvation because they just believe in Jesus
Christ, but by their deeds they deny Him. They make a mockery of His
and therefore He will
judge them. He will judge the Christians and He will judge the world.
The judgment of God will strike suddenly, like a woman in travail, a
woman going into labor. There will be no place to run, no place to
hide because they have rejected God. When God called they would not
listen, when they call He will not listen. The judgment of God is
coming. If the people would listen, would repent of their sins then
God would relent of His judgment, but man has set his mind on his own
desires and on sin and therefore the judgment of God is coming.
The same as in the days of
Noah, the world is living as though God does not see God, does not
exist, but calamity will suddenly come on them. The judgment and the
wrath of God is coming. Repent or you will perish. Make sure that you
are right with Jesus, that He is pleased with you. Do not listen to
other people, seek Jesus while you can. Those who are not right with
Jesus will perish.
May Jesus bless you.

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