Sunday, September 10, 2017

You Are Only Saved IF You STAY With Jesus

Most Christian believers
are living under an illusion, a false security of salvation. They
believe they are saved but they are not, they are on their way to
hell. We will only be saved if we come to Jesus, obey Him, and follow
Him, stay with Him until the very end of our lives.
Many have repeated a
sinner's prayer after somebody else and then they were told:"Now
you are saved and if you die you will go to heaven." That is a
Jesus Christ saves those
who believe in Him, who obey Him, and who stay with Him until the
very end. If we do not obey Jesus and we do not stay with Him, we
will not have eternal life, because Jesus Christ is the way. There is
no other way. Just believing in Jesus cannot save us. Saying a
sinner's prayer after somebody else cannot save us. Church, religion
and Bible study cannot save us. Jesus Christ is the way, He is Lord
and if we do not obey Him, and stay with Him we will perish.
The only way to come to
Jesus is to first repent, turn away from your sin, stop sinning, then
call on Jesus. Invite Him into your life, commit to follow and obey
Him and then obey Him. Be baptized for the washing off of your sin
and seek Jesus, keep on seeking Him with all your heart and He will
reveal Himself to you. He will give His Spirit in you to teaching
guide you. Jesus Christ Himself will come and dwell with you, His
Spirit with our spirit. But we have to stay with Him to have life.
Jesus will never leave us, He will never forsake us, but if we do not
stay with Him, we will perish. If we deny Jesus, He will deny us.
Nobody is saved yet. Those
who follow Jesus and who obey Him and who go with Him who stay with
Him are BEING SAVED and they will only finally be saved if they stay
with Jesus until the very end. Salvation is about our relationship
with Jesus, our obedience to Him. If we do not follow and obey Him
then we are not of Him. Just to say a sinner's prayer cannot save
you. Just to believe in Jesus cannot save you. Jesus Saves but then
you have to stay with Him. You have to follow Him. Jesus said:"Follow
Me." He said:"My sheep hear My voice, they listen and they
follow Me." He didn't say:"They read the Bible and I speak
to them through the Bible." No, He said:"My sheep HEAR my
voice." Those who are being led by the Spirit of God, they are
the sons of God. If we do not have the Spirit of Christ we do not
belong to Him. If we are not following Jesus every day and if we do
not live every day to please Him then we are lost, and we are not
going after Him, then we are going after other things, then we have
lost Jesus. We will only be saved in the end if we come to Jesus and
we stay with Him until the very end.
Many started out well and
then they backslid, but they must go back to Jesus. He is waiting for
them to come back, to follow Him until the very end. It is not how
you start that matters it is how you finish. You can start well and
then lose, but if you but if you go back to Jesus and you run the
rest of the race with endurance, with sincerity and if you stay with
Jesus, and follow Him until the very end, then He will guide you. He
will teach you and He will give you eternal life, but you have to
stay with Him. It is not your relationship with your church and other
people that saves you, it is our relationship with Jesus Christ that
will save us, if that relationship is right. Many are just religious.
They are busy with Church and Bible study, religious activities, but
they have no relationship with Jesus. Many are preachers and Jesus
warned, He said He will say to many who thought they were saved, He
will say to them:" Go away I never knew you, you workers of
wickedness." They were not following Jesus, they were following
their own mind. They were building their own churches, building their
own kingdoms, running after their own ideas, running after other
people, but they were not with Jesus, and were not following Jesus.
Their relationship with Jesus was not real and therefore they will
perish. There is only one way to have eternal life and that is to
come to Jesus and stay with Jesus until the very end. If our
relationship with Jesus Christ is not real and He is not pleased with
us then we are doomed, we are in danger of hellfire. If we do not
stay with Him until the very end we will perish.
Jesus warned, those who
endure until the end will be saved. If you don't have Jesus you don't
have life. Seek Him while you can. Seek Him with all your heart, obey
His words, repent and be baptized, and seek Jesus Christ. Seek the
infilling with the Holy Spirit and seek to stay full. Seek to hear
His voice. He will speak to you if you seek Him with all your heart
and stay with. Them follow Him, obey Him until the very end. Seek
Jesus while you can.
May Jesus bless you.

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