Monday, January 5, 2015

Christianity Without Jesus LOST DECEIVED SINFUL FAKES

Modern Christianity is a SCAM. They have all the GIMMICKS, churches, Bibles, teachings, preachers, but they do not have Jesus Christ. They do not know Him, neither do they obey Him, they do not obey His teachings, they do not follow Him, they do not look like Him. They are DECEIVED, SINFUL FAKES on the broad road to destruction. That is Christianity without Jesus Christ, devoid of all truth, it is a LIE, a GIMMICK. They promise salvation which they themselves do not have. They have a FORM of godliness but they have denied the POWER thereof, they do not know Jesus Christ! They reject Him, they don't want to know Him because Christianity has become a business to many. It is a FALSE SECURITY, an empty promise because there is no Jesus Christ.
Modern Christians have all the gimmicks but they do not have Jesus Christ, they do not know His VOICE, they do not have a TESTIMONY of Jesus, they do not know Him at all. They are deceived, and doomed and damned and on their way to eternal destruction because they are exactly like the rest of the world, they just believe that they have salvation but they don't have Jesus Christ.
Do you have Jesus? Do you know His voice and do you follow Him? Or do you have all the gimmicks? Are you also deceived and on your way to damnation? There is only ONE WAY to eternal life and that is Jesus Christ. Do you HAVE Jesus and do you FOLLOW and OBEY Him every day.

May Jesus bless you.

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