Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jesus Christ did not preach Salvation He preached DISCIPLESHIP

Jesus Christ did not preach SALVATION, He preached the KINGDOM OF GOD, discipleship. He said:”Follow Me.” Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to My VOICE and they FOLLOW Me.” Jesus did not promise anybody salvation if they JUST BELIEVED in Him. He said:”If you love Me, DO what I say, keep My commandments”,”Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and do not what I say.” He said that “those who ENDURE” with Him until the end WILL BE SAVED. He said:”If anyone WISHES to come after Me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross, every day and come here follow Me.”
Those who FOLLOW Jesus and OBEY Him until the very end, who LISTEN to His VOICE, who DO what He tells them to do, who SERVE the KING, Jesus Christ and become part of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, those will be saved.
Salvation is not just believing in Jesus Christ and what He did, it is about OBEYING Him, FOLLOWING Him. Faith without works is DEAD. We cannot please God by our own works, doing what we want to do but we please Him by doing what Jesus Christ TELLS us to do. Jesus Christ is the TRUE VINE, we are the branches. If we are part of Him we will bear GOOD FRUIT, if we remain IN HIM. Without Jesus Christ we can do NOTHING. We have to FOLLOW Him, LISTEN to Him, OBEY Him, live our lives to please Him, SERVE Him as Lord and Master. Without Jesus there is no life, there is no hope no future.
You cannot be saved by merely believing in Jesus. You have to FOLLOW and OBEY Him. REPENT from your futile, selfish, self serving existence. Turn away from sin and going after your own pleasures, and GO AFTER Jesus, OBEY Him, be HOLY, STOP SINNING, be BAPTISED IN WATER for the washing off of your sin, seek Him with all your heart and be FILLED WITH the Holy Spirit and FOLLOW the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will GUIDE and TEACH you, He will use you for His Kingdom and you will have eternal life if you keep following Him and SERVING Him until the very end.
Salvation is the HOPE of those DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ who endure WITH HIM until the very end of their lives. Are you a DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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