Tuesday, January 13, 2015

God's Teacher

When Jesus Christ ascended to heaven after He was resurrected He did not leave His followers without help, guidance or comfort. He sent them the Comforter to teach and guide them every step of the way. That Comforter is the Holy Spirit, but most believers reject God's Teacher, God's Comforter. They would rather teach themselves or listen to other people. They educate themselves from the Bible but they WILL NOT accept nor LISTEN to the Holy Spirit Whom Jesus sent to guide and teach them, His very own Spirit, the Spirit of God who would be with us to teach us and guide us in His ways. That is why the world is in darkness.
Those who profess to believe in Jesus Christ reject the help, the TEACHER that He sent them. They WILL NOT listen to the Holy Spirit. They are self-serving, rebellious, they reject the Holy Spirit, they deny the Holy Spirit, they DOUBT the Holy Spirit and they WILL NO LISTEN to Him. That is why they are in darkness and Jesus will say to them:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.” That is also why they cannot stop sinning, they cannot do the works of Christ. Jesus said:”Those who believe in Me will do the things that I did and even greater works.” We can only do those GREATER WORKS if we are led by the Holy Spirit of God, if we are taught by Him, then only can we DO what He TELLS us to do, then only can we be IN CHRIST, IN His will, IN His POWER, IN His ANOINTING, when we are led by the Holy Spirit, when we are taught and guided by the Teacher that He sent to teach and guide us.
Are you following the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Are you taught by God's Teacher? Or are you wise in your own eyes? Do you think you know better than Him? Do you want to TEST HIM by your Bible? Do you reject Him and doubt Him? If you grieve the Holy Spirit He will leave you and you cannot please God. Go on your knees and seek Jesus. Bow down before Him, SEEK the Holy Spirit. LISTEN, ACCEPT and OBEY and He will guide you but if you resist Him He will leave you to your own devices and you will be in darkness like most believers. They are in utter darkness because they do not listen to the Shepherd, they listen to strangers.
Whom are you listening to? God's Teacher or other people, teachers of your own choice? Or are you following your own mind? Listen to the Holy Spirit and you will LIVE!

May Jesus bless you.

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