Monday, January 19, 2015


Believers are often, condemned, controlled and manipulated by church leadership who use Bible verses to place heavy burdens on these people. They are under constant condemnation if they do not serve the church and live up to the expectations of the leadership.
We cannot save the world, we cannot change other people, we cannot live up to the expectations of everybody else but we can be pleasing to Jesus IF we stay close to Him, ask His guidance, receive His guidance and DO what He commands us to do.
We can be FREE FROM CONDEMNATION if we STAY WITH JESUS CHRIST and DO what He commands us to do. If we stay IN CHRIST there is no condemnation but we must OBEY HIM and do what is pleasing to HIM because then He will give us His PEACE that passes all understanding.
In all situations, PRAY, ASK JESUS, WAIT on Him, He will GUIDE you. LISTEN and OBEY and He will give you His peace that passes all human understanding. Stay with Jesus and you will be free from condemnation.

May Jesus bless you.

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