Saturday, January 10, 2015

I hardly ever read the Bible. I haven't opened it for months. There was a time that I did study the Bible from cover to cover. I know the Bible very well but I also know Jesus Christ of whom the Bible testifies and SINCE I know Jesus I walk with Him. Whatever Iwant to know I ask of Jesus. He speaks to me, He teaches me, He guides me, I walk with Him and I live for Him. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and He is MY LORD and because I KNOW Him and I SERVE HIM and I LISTEN TO HIM, I don't need to read the Bible. All I need is Jesus Christ and to stay close to Him, to LISTEN to Him, just to BE WITH HIM every moment.
If you know Jesus and you are with Him why would you want to read the Bible? Why do you not just LISTEN to Jesus. Do you know Jesus of the Bible? Have you met Him? Are you following Him? Do you know His voice? Do you LISTEN to Him or do you need to listen to other people? Do you need to read the Bible? Are you in darkness because you do not know Jesus Christ?
I know Jesus and I walk with Him. That is why I don't need a Bible. I need nothing, I have Jesus.

May Jesus bless you.


  1. l am a disciple of Jesus l am not a Christian because Jesus never spoke the word christian he along gave us the name of salvation in john 17 He was speaking to god about his disciples . we should only become what Jesus taught us to be and nothing else. Christianity did not come from Christ and if we are his sheep we should only follow what he taught us to be and flee from stranger.

  2. When Jesus taught me to be his disciple he taught me to obey God in his name and to preach the gossople in his name and there is no other name that we should hold to.God never sent us some that look Christ like he only sent us Jesus Christ and we should only follow what he taught us to be remember the devil will send something that look Christ like to take your heart off of Jesus Christ that is why we should only follow Jesus teaching and no one else because Jesus only is the word of God in the flesh tath give life to anyone who become his disciples and obeay God the way he teach us to. Please when you have a chance give me a call 281 7067127.

  3. We should only be what Jesus taught us to be and nothing else his disciple Jesus never spoke the word Christian