Monday, January 19, 2015

When you DO stumble

If we follow Jesus Christ we are in a race, a marathon and we have to complete that marathon according to the rules if we want to win the prize of eternal life. The best marathon runners do also stumble even though they take care not to fall but when they stumble they get back up and run, as quickly as possible and they keep on running until the end or else they will not finish the race and they will not win the prize. The same with us as followers of Jesus Christ, we will stumble but what matters is what we do after we stumbled. Do we go sit down? Do we drop out of the race, or do we get back into the race and be very careful not to make the same mistakes again, not to stumble again. All those who follow Jesus Christ will be tested and tried. The devil will try to make you stumble but the important thing is that you GET RIGHT BACK UP and make sure that you do not stumble again.
I stumbled last week. We had a water main burst on the farm where I live and the animals were without water, and one of the workers who was on duty, who was supposed to fix the leak, took his time at it. I got real mad and I blew up, I said things that I should not have said. I felt terrible. I walked away and I repented to the Lord. I went back to this man and I apologized to him for the way that I spoke to him. I stumbled, I said things that I should not have said in the cheat of the moment but I thought about it and I have prayed about it and next time such a situation comes around I will react differently. The devil caught me off guard and I stumbled but, PRAISE JESUS, I got up, I am following HIM, I am a witness for HIM, I shine my light for Him and I am following Him, I am back in the race! I won't give up. Even though I stumble I will get up and I will follow Jesus Christ until the end.
If you do stumble, get right back up, correct your error and BE CAREFUL not to stumble again in the same situation. Think about it very nicely, ask the Lord for wisdom and next time around the devil will not trip you up. We must not quit or give up. If we do stumble we must become stronger after the event so that next time we will know how to handle it better and not stumble again.
Do not give up. Do not quit but keep running, keep going after Jesus for that prize of eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

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