Friday, January 30, 2015

God's Money

Churches all over the world collect vast sums of money every month off their members, they call that “GOD'S MONEY.” They warn believers not to rob God but to give to God what is due to God, but then they themselves collect “GOD'S MONEY” and they use it for their purposes. Churches are not building the kingdom of God. They are each building their own little kingdom that is divided against God's kingdom and that is fighting a “holy war” with those of other “churches.” They fight for membership, they fight for their own existence, they fight to keep their own doors open. Churches are not building the kingdom of God, they are building their own little kingdoms and enriching themselves.
What is your church doing with “GOD'S MONEY.” Are they building kingdoms on earth, new churches, new curtains, new fittings, new chairs, a parsonage? Are they expanding their empire overseas and giving pittances to selected poor and charities? Are they building God's kingdom with what they call “GOD'S MONEY”?
Jesus Christ never asked money. He never built any church building or organization. He drew people unto Himself, unto His kingdom, the invisible Kingdom of God. He brought them unto Himself, unto righteousness and holiness and a relationship with Himself. He fed the poor and He healed the sick and He had compassion on those who were oppressed. He never robbed the poor, He didn't demand what they call “GOD'S MONEY.”
What is your church doing with “GOD'S MONEY”? Do you see them bringing people to God, bringing people to RIGHTEOUSNESS, to HOLINESS, to Jesus Christ, to REPENTANCE from their own wicked ways and into relationship with Jesus Christ? Are they building the Kingdom of God with “GOD'S MONEY” or are they building their own little kingdoms? Is it really “GOD'S MONEY” or is the church taking YOUR MONEY?
The kingdom of God is not about money. It is about RIGHTEOUSNESS, HOLINESS and COMPASSION, taking care of those who are in need, not building church kingdoms on earth. Use your money to build the kingdom of God here on earth, not the kingdoms of churches because in the end Jesus will reward every man according to their DEEDS, whether we built His kingdom or the kingdoms of this world. Which kingdom are you building onto with the money that God gives you?

May Jesus bless you.

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