Friday, January 16, 2015

Are you following Jesus or people?

Most believers are living in a fool's paradise. Because they have heard the gospel and because many of them study the Bible and they believe IN Jesus Christ they think they have salvation, but they do not know Jesus Christ. They are not following Him. They are following after their own lusts, they listen to other people and they think that if they keep on reading the Bible, that testifies of Jesus Christ, that they are saved.
They are not following Jesus Christ. They are not LISTENING to Him, they DO NOT KNOW HIM. If we know Jesus Christ then we follow Him, we LISTEN to HIM, we go to HIM for GUIDANCE and ADVICE. We PRAY, WAIT ON HIM and LISTEN, we HEAR FROM HIM, we SEEK to be pleasing to Him, we don't listen to other people.
If you KNOW Jesus Christ and you follow Him why would you still want to read ABOUT Him and hear ABOUT Him from other people? Would you not go straight to Him and hear from Him? Do you truly KNOW Jesus Christ? If you do, you will follow Him. Have you MET Jesus Christ the LIVING GOD, do you KNOW Him and do you FOLLOW Him? Or do you just talk about what other people say, quote scripture? Has Jesus spoken to you? Can you talk about what Jesus told you? Or do you know Jesus from hear say? Who are you following, Jesus Christ or people? Do you listen to preachers and other people? Do you only read what other people wrote in the Bible or do you follow Jesus and hear from Him for yourself? Do you truly KNOW Jesus Christ?
Jesus Christ will say to most believers on that day that they die:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness,” because they never knew Him! They never followed Him. They believed that they were saved, they had false security. They believed that they were saved because they belonged to a church, they listened to a pastor, they read the Bible but they never LISTENED to Jesus Christ because they never knew Him.
Do you KNOW Jesus Christ and do you follow Him?

May Jesus bless you.

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