Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The door is still open HURRY BEFORE IT CLOSES

Many people are not right with Jesus and they know it. Some have given up following Jesus, they have back slidden. Some have tried coming back to Jesus, they have repented many times but them fallen back into sin. They know that they are not right with Jesus, that if they die today they will end up in hell.
The door is still open. Jesus is still waiting for you to come back, to follow Him with all your heart. But you have to TURN BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Our life is not in our hands, we might die today. Jesus is waiting for you. It is not the will of God that any man perish but that all turn from their wicked ways and come home to Him.

Are you right with Jesus? If you die today, will Jesus invite you in or will He say to you:”Go away, I never knew you.” Are you right with Jesus? The door is still open, He is waiting for you. Hurry before it closes. Tomorrow might be for ever TOO LATE. May Jesus bless you.  


  1. Why am I struggling to repent of sin? It's like there are many times where I'm trying to repent of sin , and I keep failing. Is there any way I can still ask the lord for help?

  2. You have to get serious, dear friend. Jesus never changed, you are just not serious about following Him. If you stay on the wrong road you will end up in hell. Get serious with Jesus before it is too late. May Jesus bless you.