Friday, January 23, 2015


You immediately see the difference in a person that has been saved. A person that has met Jesus and has decided to follow Jesus, immediately that person is not interested in the same things any more. He does not hang out with the same friends any more, he does not do the same things, he DOES NOT SIN ANY MORE, he seeks to be pleasing to Jesus in everything. He is on a DIFFERENT ROAD, he is following his King, his Lord, his Master. All that he can talk about is Jesus Christ.
Do you know such people? Do you know anybody who is truly saved, who loves Jesus and who lives for the kingdom of God? If a person is SAVED he is totally different, he is not of this world any more, he is of the kingdom of God and he lives for Jesus Christ.
Are you saved? Are you living FOR Jesus? Is Jesus Christ YOUR LIFE and can the world see that you belong to Jesus and His Kingdom?

May Jesus bless you.

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