Sunday, January 11, 2015

Understanding the will of God for YOU

God has an exact and specific plan and purpose with each one of us whom He has called to be His children, to follow and obey Jesus Christ. The ONLY way that we can KNOW and UNDERSTAND what God's plan is for us and what He wants us to DO every day is to go to HIM and hear from HIM, to get our guidance and direction from Him.
We cannot get our direction from any other source, not from other people nor from reading the Bible. We have to go to HIM, go and PRAY, WAIT on Him and He will give us GUIDANCE and UNDERSTANDING. We have to STAY WITH HIM every day, SEEK Him, PRAY, WAIT on Him and He will guide us.
If we are tno interested in doing the will of God NOW then we have no business with Him or with His Kingdom for eternity. If we live our lives to please ourselves we will perish but if we live our lives to please Jesus Christ then we become part of the Kingdom of God and we will LIVE FOR EVER.
Seek your direction from Jesus Christ HIMSELF and He will guide you. Jesus Christ IS the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. Go after Him. He will give you GUIDANCE, UNDERSTANDING and ETERNAL LIFE if you DO what He guides you to do.

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Jesus is the only way to the father in order to learn god will you have to learn it from jesus. He along teaches us God will and also give us name to do God will with and to serve God with and that name is Jesus.Our father name his word jesus so that we would know that we we are following jesus we are Following the word of god in the flesh .So if jesus only gave us one name to obeay God with there is no other on earth. So Christianity did not come from jesus so we as disciple of Jesus such not serve God our way but the way jesus taught to severe God. Remember the devil want us to follow something that look Christ like so that we don't follow christ . Jesus said anyone who here my word and keep them is truly my disciple then he will know the true and the true will set you free go and learn the true from jesus. God bless you