Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Are You Mission Ready?

A born again child of God
will go on many missions because Jesus Christ called us so that He
can send us and use us for His kingdom. Jesus said to Nicodemus that
a person who is born of the Spirit of God is like the wind, you don't
know where he's coming from you don't know where he's going. That
person himself does not even know where he is going next because he
is led by the Spirit of God. That is why Jesus calls us to
discipleship, and we have to be willing to give up everything, to
leave everything behind, in order to follow Jesus and to complete the
mission on which He sends us.
If we follow Jesus Christ
and we serve Him as Master, if we are His true disciples, then He
will send us on many missions, short missions, long missions. He will
teach us, He will guide us and He will use us for His kingdom. He
might tell us to go and see a certain person, to deliver a message,
to go and pray for a specific person, to send somebody money, to
encourage someone, to go and witness to a specific person. He might
tell us to go to a different country, give up everything and go where
He sends us, but we must be led by the Holy Spirit. We must know the
Master's voice. We must follow and obey Him and we must be willing to
go where He sends us. We must obey Him or else we cannot do what He
tells us to do, what He commands us to do, what He sends us to do.
If you read the book of
Acts you will see that the Holy Spirit sent the disciples to various
places, and they were not always received very well. Many of them
were persecuted, they were killed, but they went because they obeyed
the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If we follow Jesus and we serve Him,
if we are truly His followers and His disciples, we will be like the
wind. We will be used sent, guided, by the Holy Spirit. He will use
us for His kingdom, but we have to be willing. We have to be
available, we must obey and if we don't do it we are useless for the
kingdom of God. We must make ourselves available to Jesus, not to a
church or an organization, because then you are working for the
church, you're working for the organization. You might be working for
yourself, you might be on your own mission. If we are not led by the
Holy Spirit, we will stand before Jesus and He will tell us that we
were busy with dead works.
We can only do the will of
God, we can only serve Jesus Christ, if we remain in Him, if we are
led by the Holy Spirit, and we can only be led by the Holy Spirit if
we obey Jesus Christ. We must turn away from sin from our own ways,
our own desires and ambitions, and our ambition must be to follow
Jesus Christ, to serve the kingdom of God and we must keep our eye on
Jesus, stay faithful to Him, serve Him. Be available to him and go
when He sends us, when he tells us to do something. That is how we
serve the body of Christ by listening to the Head, Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the head of the body and every individual live member
takes his instructions from the Head, not from other people, not
from each other each, and every disciple must seek the approval and
the guidance of Jesus Christ Himself. If we start looking for the
approval of other people and their acceptance then we are not seeking
the approval of Jesus Christ.
We are called to serve
Him, to bear fruit for His kingdom, but we have to be ready,
available and willing to go on every mission that He sends us. Are we
available for Jesus? Are we ready to go on the mission that He is
calling us to do today?
May Jesus bless you.

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