Saturday, October 14, 2017

Guard Your Walk

Jesus Christ will never
leave us and He will never forsake us. He will always be there with
us, but we have to stay with Him until the very end. We have to guard
our walk with Him. If we stray from Jesus, if we leave Him, He will
not hold us back. He will call us back.
If we stray He might
discipline us, put circumstances in our way to turn us from our
wicked ways, to turn us back to Him. Many believers do not recognize
the hand of God when He disciplines them. They become hardened of
heart through the deceitfulness of their sin, because they went their
own way. The Holy Spirit will call us back, convict us to change our
ways, but He will never force us.
Our relationship with
Jesus, our walk with Him, is our responsibility. The quality of our
walk with Him depends entirely on us, because Jesus is faithful, but
if we are unfaithful we will lose Him, we will lose eternal life. We
have to guard our walk with Him and make sure that we are doing what
is pleasing to Him. We must make sure that we obey His commands, that
which He taught, that which He commanded as also recorded in the
Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
We must seek Him. We must
seek His voice, His Spirit, His guidance. If we seek Him, we find
Him; if we draw closer to Him, He draws closer to us. If we ask Him
He will speak to us. He will guide us, He will teach us, but if we
turn away from Him, if we stray from Him, we will perish, if we do
not repent. We have to guard our walk with Jesus. We have to make
ourselves available to Him. We have to seek His guidance, we have to
seek to be pleasing to Him, because if we don't we are not worthy of
Him. If we do not guard our walk we will go stray and we will end up
in hell.
Our relationship and our
walk with Jesus depends entirely on us. If we are not willing He will
not force us. If we don't want to follow Him He will not force us. He
loves us, He cares for us, but He will never force us. If we don't
love Him and if we don't care for Him and we don't care for our
relationship with Him, our walk with Him, then we will not enter His
kingdom. We need to seek to hear His voice. We need to seek to be
guided by him. We need to seek His kingdom and His righteousness. We
need to seek Jesus Himself. If we don't, in the end we will only have
ourselves to blame when He turns us away, and He says to us:"Go
away, I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." We need to
cleanse our lives, repent, be baptized in water, seek the baptism in
the Holy Spirit, seek to hear His voice every day. If we don't, we
will stray from Him. It depends entirely on us where we will end up.
Jesus is willing and He is eager to save us, but if we don't want to
be saved, if we don't want to walk with Him and follow Him, in the
end He will deliver us to our desires. If we love other things more
than Him, then we will end up where those other things take us.
How is our walk with
Jesus? Are we close to Him? Do we seek to obey Him? Do we seek to
hear His voice? Are we serious about the kingdom of God? Are we
seeking revelation from Him, or don't we care? Is it not a priority
in our lives. If it's not a priority then, we're not worthy of Jesus.
If we are lukewarm, He will spew us out" We have to serve Jesus
and follow Him, go after Him with all our heart, with everything that
is in us. Not many are being saved. Jesus said:"Strive hard,
because Strait is the gate and narrow is the door and few there be
that find it ." Very few want to walk with Jesus. Very few guard
their walk with Jesus. Are we serious with Jesus? Do we really love
Him and do we really want to enter His kingdom?
May Jesus bless you.

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