Thursday, October 12, 2017

No Restrictions No Excuses

There are no restrictions
for anybody to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and to be used by
Him in a mighty way. Nothing can prevent you from being used by Jesus
in a mighty way. The only thing that can prevent you is your own
Jesus invites everybody to
follow Him, to become part of His kingdom. He has a plan and a
purpose for everyone, for every disciple, for everyone who becomes
part of His kingdom, but there is one requirement, and that is, we
must be willing. We must totally submit to Jesus, obey Him, follow
Him, trust Him, and He will use us in a mighty way.
Jesus uses those who are
willing to abandon everything, to abandon their own wisdom, our own
abilities, their own mind, their own desires, and subject everything
to Him, to His lordship; to serve Him as Lord and Master. That is the
only way to be pleasing to Jesus. That is the only way to enter His
kingdom, is to totally submit to Him, to trust Him, to abandon
ourselves and thrust ourselves onto Him, and He can use us for His
There will not be any
excuses for anybody for not following Jesus Christ. They will only
have themselves to blame, but we have to go with Him all the way,
until the very end. We have to obey Him, submit to Him, follow Him,
trust Him and stay with Him until the very end.
Are you willing to follow
Jesus Christ? Are you willing to become part of His kingdom, to serve
Him and be used by Him? If you are not willing, you are not worthy of
Jesus. Jesus Christ. is the only way to eternal life, but we have to
obey Him, and serve Him as Lord and Master.
May Jesus bless you.

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