Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cry out to Jesus

Jesus is alive and He
answers the prayers of those that cry out to Him in their distress.
Many times in my life the Lord has answered my prayer when I was in
deep trouble. Countless times I called out to Jesus when I was in
fear of death or in sickness or in an accident.
At one time I was
traveling in a remote area with my family, towing a camping trailer
with my truck and the front wheel of the truck burst. I just
said:"Lord help!" and the next thing the truck left the
road, it jackknifed and rolled. Both the truck and the camper were
totally destroyed . We were six souls in that truck and we crawled
out of the truck hardly scathed, just a few scratches and bruises.
The people that drove behind us and saw the accident happening were
looking for dead bodies. There were none. We were all alive. Jesus
kept us I just cried out to Him and said:"Lord help!" He
helped and He kept us alive.
I was once poisoned.
Somebody put poison in my coffee and I cried out to Jesus and He kept
me alive. The next day when I got to work and that person who had
poisoned me saw me alive he ran away. He couldn't believe that I was
still alive.
I was a pilot. I flew my
own aircraft and many times Jesus kept me alive in terrible weather
conditions. I recall one day I was flying and the weather closed in
on me. The next thing I was right in the middle of a thunderstorm,
with lightning striking all around me. It was pitch dark and I cried
out to the Lord, and the next thing a small path opened, and I could
fly along that path out of the storm to safety.
Almost twenty years ago I
had a heart attack and I died. I left my body and I was going down a
deep black hole, I was on my way to hell, but I cried out to Jesus
and He allowed me to come back to come and testify to the whole world
that Jesus Christ is alive.
Many times I was in severe
trouble, sometimes of my own making, but I cried out to the Lord and
He delivered me. Jesus is alive. He is God and He cares for us. He is
compassionate and He answers the prayers of those who call out to
Him, and therefore I'm here today to bring glory and thanks to Jesus,
and to encourage you to cry out to Jesus because he will answer you.
He will deliver you but you must give Him thanks, glory and honor.
Our God is an awesome God! Jesus Christ is Lord. He is alive. He is
Almighty and He saves those who cry out to Him. Cry out to Jesus, He
will answer you and He will deliver you.
May Jesus bless you.

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