Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jesus will CRUSH you

Jesus Christ does not need
you or me, but He loves us and He cares for us, and He invites us to
follow Him; to become children of God and to become part of His
kingdom, but we have to submit ourselves to Him. We have to forsake
ourselves to become part of His kingdom and to serve Him.
Nothing that we are, that
we have, can please Jesus. It is only our submission, our willingness
to Him and our obedience to Him that makes us suitable for the
kingdom of God. We have to submit to Him, so that He can crush us and
mold us and make us into useful instruments, that He can use for His
kingdom. Jesus will crush our self-confidence, our worldliness, our
confidence in the things of the world, He will crush our wisdom. He
will crush our independence, so that we can learn, that without Jesus
we can do nothing. That is why Jesus says that if we wish to follow
Him we have to deny ourselves and pick up our cross every day, follow
None of our initiatives,
our plans or our wisdom is useful to the kingdom of God, because our
thoughts our plans and everything about us is worldly. The flesh I
cannot please God, as Jesus said:"The flesh is worthless."
We must submit ourselves to Jesus and allow Him to crush us, to make
us, to mold us, and to teach us, so that we will be in perfect
obedience to Him and His discipline, the guidance of His Holy Spirit;
so that we can do His will.
We cannot bear fruit if we
are not grafted into the Vine. We cannot bear fruit for the kingdom
of God and bring glory to Jesus, if we do not follow and obey Him and
do what He commands. Our words, our thoughts, our plans, our
initiatives, cannot please Jesus, because His thoughts, His mind, His
plans are higher than our thoughts. That is why we must forsake our
self, and we must submit our self to Jesus, allow ourselves to be
transformed into useful instruments. We must have the mind of Christ,
and be led by the Holy Spirit of Christ, to be useful for the kingdom
of God, and to bear fruit for the kingdom of God so that Jesus can be
Most believers are not
willing to submit themselves to Jesus so that He can crush them, and
make them mold them, and use them, and therefore they become
worthless for the kingdom of God; they get cut off and burned and
they end up in damnation with the children of disobedience. To follow
Jesus means for us to willfully submit ourselves to His discipline,
so that He can use us for His glory.
Very few people understand
this, because many believe that Jesus came to glorify them. We are
here to glorify Him, to bring glory to Him, because He is the Lord of
glory. We have to submit ourselves to Jesus and totally lose our self
in Him, to become part of his kingdom, so that He can receive the
glory and the praise that is due to Him.
Jesus Christ alone is
worthy. Worship and serve Him in utter holiness and obedience. Submit
to Jesus and let Him use you for His kingdom or else you will not
enter. You will not be part of His kingdom, you will be cast out,
shown away, and doomed to destruction. Submit to Jesus and follow
Him, become part of His kingdom.
May Jesus bless you.

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