Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Take Control Of Your Life Your Destiny

Many believers expect
Jesus Christ to take control of their lives, but that is not what
Jesus said. Jesus said:"Whoever wishes to come after Me, must
deny himself pick up his cross every day and come here follow Me."
We have to take action. We have to take control of our own lives. We
have to make up our mind to follow Jesus Christ and therefore we must
obey Him. Obey his commands; repent,turn away from sin, stop sinning,
be baptized in water, and seek Jesus for the

baptism in the Holy
We have to take action we
have to take control. We have to go after Jesus Christ, we have to
seek His approval. We have to seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit,
the indwelling Holy Spirit in us, to teach and guide us. We have to
seek to hear His voice. Jesus will not take control of us. He will
not come and change your life.You have to change your life. You have
to stop sinning, you have to change your ways, you have to go after
Jesus Christ.

If we submit ourselves to Jesus and obey Him,
repent and be baptized, then He will set us free from the bondage of
sin. He will set us free from addictions so that we can follow Him,
so that we can be in control. Jesus Christ puts you in control of
your own life again, but then you must take control and go after
Jesus. Don't use that control that you've got to go back to sin, and
do wrong things.

Take control of yourself, everyday pick up your
cross follow Jesus. When you wake up in the morning or during the
night, put your mind on Jesus. Get rid of the things that distract
you, get rid of that TV. Stop watching the wrong videos, stop going
to the wrong places. Stop being worldly, stop going after worldly
friends and go after Jesus. Seek Him, seek His approval. Seek His
ways. Do what is pleasing to Him. Seek His voice. He will speak to
you, but if you don't go after Him, then you will not follow Him, you
will not hear His voice. He might speak to you, but if you don't
trust Him and if you're not committed to follow Him, you will
distrust Him and then He will stop speaking to you.
We have to take control of
our own life, of our own salvation, work out our own salvation with
fear and trembling. Don't run after other people. Don't look for
solutions other places, in the Bible or from other people. Go on your
knees and speak to Jesus. Get your mind on Jesus. Be filled with the
Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ dwelling in you. Trust Him, listen
to Him, follow Him, obey Him and He will guide you, but you will
always be in control.
You must take control of
yourself and follow Jesus Christ every day until the very end. You
must make up your mind to follow Jesus, and you must endure with him
until the very end you must pick up your cross and follow Jesus
Christ every day until the end to be saved.
May Jesus bless you.

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