Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Get Your Revelation From Jesus Christ

Every born-again
child of God must receive their revelation from Jesus Christ, not
from other people. If God is our Father then we must hear from Him.
Jesus said:"My sheep hear My voice and they listen, they follow
Me." If Jesus Christ is our Shepherd, if he is our Lord then we
must hear His voice. Jesus said One is your teacher even the Christ
Himself. Jesus Himself will teach and guide each and every one of His
children, if they follow Him, if they listen to Him, if they are
truly born again.
Many people believe
they are born again but they do not know Jesus. They were never born
again. They never became born again children of God. They were not
born of the Spirit and of water, they just believed a lie. If we obey
the gospel of Jesus Christ, believe in Him, repent and are baptized
in water, and we obey His commands, if we live according to His
words, as also recorded in the gospel Matthew, Mark, Luke and John;
if we do those things, Jesus will reveal Himself to us. He will come
and dwell in us. He will give His Spirit in us and He will guide us.
He will teach us. We do not need any other teacher. If God is our
Father then we should know His voice. If Jesus is our Lord, then we
should be serving Him. Then we should be following Him, but most
believers do not know Jesus. Most have never met Him, and some who
have met Him, never followed Him. They followed after people. They
read the books and revelations of people. They seek eternal life in
the Scriptures.
The revelations that
are in Scripture were given to other people, but if we read those
things according to our own insight, in our own mind, we do not get a
clear picture. We need our own revelation from Jesus Christ. If we
do not go to Him, and if we do not ask Him then we will not hear from
Him, we will not learn from Him. If we keep on running after other
teachers, we will never get to know Jesus Christ, and that is the
problem with most believers. They believe they are saved but they
don't know Jesus. They do not know His voice, they do not receive
revelation from Him, because they do not seek Him, and they do not
follow Him.
If you are truly
born again and you are a child of God, then you will be taught by
God. You will ask Him for guidance. You will ask Him for revelation.
You will hear His voice, and you will follow Jesus Chris,t and you
will do what He commands you to do. If you are serious about
eternity, about the kingdom of God, then you will seek Jesus. You
will obey His words, you will do everything possible to be pleasing
to Him and you will hear from Him. Your revelation and your guidance
will be from Him, or else you are not a child of God, you are not one
of his sheep, you are just a deceived believer. You believe a lie,
you are not a child of God. If you are truly a born again child of
God, you will hear the voice of God. You will be led by Holy Spirit.
If you truly seek
Jesus, you will find Him. If you show Him that you are serious by
obeying Him; by repenting and being baptized in water and seeking Him
in prayer, dedicating your life to Him, living in holiness and
righteousness as He commanded, then He will reveal Himself to you. If
you seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, you will find it,
but if you run after other teachers you will go into darkness and you
will be lost, and Jesus will say to you:"Go away, I never knew
Do you know Jesus?
Do you know His voice? Do you listen to Him? Do you follow Him? Are
you serious about your relationship with Jesus Christ? Is it real or
do you just believe that you are saved? Because then you are
deceived. Seek Jesus with all your heart and H will reveal Himself to
you. You will know Him for real and you will receive your revelation
and your guidance from Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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