Thursday, October 5, 2017

Very Few Christians Know and Follow Jesus Christ

Very few professing
Christians do actually know and follow Jesus Christ. The Christian
world is desperately deceived because people have been taught that as
long as they believe in Jesus Christ for salvation, that they are
Christians and that they are saved. The truth is that you need to be
born again and you need to follow and obey Jesus Christ to enter the
kingdom of heaven. Most professing Christians are not born again and
they do not know Jesus Christ. They do not follow Him and they do not
obey Him. They are just religious. Many of them occupy themselves
with religious practices, others occupy themselves with the Bible.
To be a Christian means to
know and follow Jesus Christ, the Living God, to be led by the Holy
Spirit. Most professing Christians do not have the Holy Spirit
because they are not born again, because they have never come to
obedience to Jesus Christ. If you believe in Jesus but you do not
obey Him, then your faith cannot save you. Jesus said:"Why do
you call me Lord Lord and do not what I say?" Jesus Christ will
decide who will go into heaven and who not. Those who do not know Him
and who do not follow and obey Him, are not part of His kingdom and
they will not enter. We need to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. You
need to repent of all sin, be baptized in water, seek Jesus with all
our heart and He will give His Holy Spirit in us. He will come and
dwell in us and He will guide us by His Spirit.
God is spirit and those
who are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God, they are
children of God. Those who just believe are only deceiving themselves
they have faith but they have nothing to back it up, because they
don't know Jesus Christ. Many will quote you Bible verses and tell
you that they belong to a church, but they are not Christians, they
are not following Jesus Christ, because they do not know Him.
Jesus Christ reveals
Himself in and to those who seek Him and who obey Him, they get to
know Him for real. They follow Him day by day. He guides them and He
teaches them. He gives them revelation, of Himself, of the kingdom of
God, and they get to know Him for real. They become part of the
kingdom of God because they do the will of God. If you have no
relationship with the Living God and if you do not follow and obey
Him then you cannot enter His kingdom. If you do not know Jesus, the
day that you die He will say to you:"Go away, I never knew you."
The Christian churches are deceived and they are deceiving people.
Believers are running after people. They are running after churches,
following the doctrines of men, practicing religion, but they are not
following Jesus Christ and therefore there are not Christians. They
are not children of God. Have you come to know Jesus Christ? Are you
a follower of Jesus? Are you a child of God? Are you part of His
kingdom or are you also deceived? Seek Jesus while you can. Seek the
truth. Jesus alone is the way and the truth and the life. He is
alive and He is real. He speaks, His sheep hear His voice and they
follow Him, they know Him for real. He gives them revelation of all
things, of the kingdom of heaven, of what God is doing on this earth;
they are not in darkness, because they know the Lord and Master. They
are true children of God. They know their Father's voice, and they
follow and obey Him. Are you a son of the King? Are you a child of
God or are you just deceiving yourself, believing that you have
salvation, but you do not know nor follow Jesus Christ?
May Jesus bless you.

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