Friday, October 13, 2017

Religion does not impress Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is not
impressed with religion. Jesus said:"Why do you call Me Lord,
Lord and do not what I say?" What did Jesus say? He said:"Come
here, follow Me. He is calling us to follow Him, to be in close
relationship with Him, Him with us, guiding us, teaching us, coaching
us, every day of our lives. He calls us to be one with Him, not to
become religious.
Jesus calls us to turn
away from running after our own desires, and after our own plans,
after the pleasures of sin, and come to Him, to be with Him, to
become part of His kingdom. He wants to come and dwell with us, give
His Spirit in us, so that we can be with Him, all the time, forever,
for eternity.
Religion is just a show.
It's just a book of rules, it does not bring you closer to Jesus.
Jesus is calling us. He says:"Come here, follow Me, obey Me,
repent, turn away from your sin, cleanse your life, be baptized in
water for the washing off of your sin, come and walk with Me,"
and He will give His Spirit in us, His Spirit; to dwell with us, to
be with us, all the time. But people do not know that. They think
that they will have eternal life through religion, through going to
church, reading the Bible, talking about Jesus, religious practices,
but that does not bring us closer to Jesus.
Jesus said He will say to
many religious people:"Go away, I never knew you," because
they never came to Him. They never followed Him. They practiced
religion. Jesus calls us to come to Him, to come and be with Him, not
just to pray and then to walk away, but to be united with Him, to be
in constant relationship, constant companionship, with Him, to share
our thoughts with Him, His Spirit with our spirit, in unity with Him,
in fellowship with Him. He calls us to walk with Him.
Have you understood the
message of Jesus Christ? He says:"Come here, follow Me."
Have you turned away from running after your own desires and your own
plans, and the pleasures of sin? Have you turned to Jesus? Have you
come to Jesus and received His Spirit? Are you walking with Him? Do
you know Him? Does He teach you? Does he guide you? Those who are
being led by the Spirit of God, they are the children of God. If we
do not have the Spirit of Christ, then we don't belong to Him. If we
are not in close communion relationship with Jesus all the time, then
we do not know Him and we cannot follow Him.
Jesus is calling you and
me to follow Him, not to religion, but to Himself, to become one with
Him, one spirit, to become part of His kingdom. Will you answer to
the call? Will you follow Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.

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