Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Greatest Gift

Many Christian believers
are looking for gifts from God. They want security of salvation.
Others want the baptism in the Holy Spirit, they want to be able to
speak in tongues. Others want the gifts of healing and other
spiritual gifts but the greatest gift of all they do not want. They
don't want Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ Himself is
the greatest gift, the Spirit of Christ living in us. Jesus said that
the one who has his commands and keeps them is the one who loves Him,
and Him and the Father will come and dwell with that person. He will
give His Spirit in them, to be with them, to teach them and to guide
The greatest gift is
Emmanuel, Christ with us, Christ in us, but believers want gifts from
God, they don't want Jesus Christ. They want to believe in Jesus for
salvation, but they are not interested in Jesus. They don't want to
hear His voice, they don't want to follow Him, they don't want to
obey Him,and therefore they perish.
Many have received gifts.
They speak in tongues, but they're also curse like sailors, they are
sinners. Many heal the sick, they preach in the streets, but they are
sinners. They've received the gift and they have deserted, gone away
from the Giver. They think that they have security in their gift but
without Jesus we have nothing. We might have His gifts, but if we
don't have Jesus we are lost and doomed. Without Jesus we can do
nothing. Without Jesus we cannot bear fruit.
Jesus said that if we do
not remain in Him and Him in us, we cannot bear fruit, but if we stay
in Him, if we obey Him, walk with Him, follow Him do His will, then
we will bear much fruit for the kingdom of God. If we don't bear
fruit, we all get cut off and burned. Many believers don't want to
bear fruit, they just want the gifts.
Do we want Jesus? Do we
have a desire for Jesus? Do we cherish His presence? Do we spend time
with Him, pray? Do we listen to His voice? Do we seek Him? Do we seek
His will? Are we serious about Jesus Christ or are we only looking
for the gifts? If we have Jesus we have everything, but without Jesus
we have nothing and we can do nothing. Do you have Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.

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