Sunday, October 15, 2017

Jesus speaks HARSHLY His guidance is FIRM

The words of Jesus are not
nice, and that is why the world rejects Jesus. That is why people do
not want to follow Jesus. The words of Jesus pierce us, they cut us
to pieces. Jesus guides His sheep, they listen to Him and they follow
Him but His words to them are not always nice.
The words of Jesus bring
us into the right relationship with Him, they make us humble and they
bring us into the fear of God. Most Christian believers do not know
Jesus and therefore they do not know His words. They do not recognize
when He is speaking to them. They want Jesus to speak to them but
they expect Him to be nice with them, to tell them nice things about
themselves. They have the wrong expectation. The words of Jesus
purify us, cleanse us, correct us, discipline us.
The discipline of Jesus is
firm. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is exact. When Jesus speaks to
us then we shrivel and we come under the fear of God, we realize own
insignificance and His holiness, we realize that He is Lord and that
we have to serve Him. We have to follow him His way. When Jesus
disciplines us, when He puts sickness onto us, we cannot a shrug off
His hand and say:" I did not feel it." If Jesus puts you
into a sickbed to speak to you, you can run to the doctor, you can
take medication; it will not help, because when Jesus speaks to you
you will hear, because you cannot shrug off the hand, and the
discipline of Jesus Christ. He makes sure that He gets your
The guidance of the Holy
Spirit is exact, because Jesus requires obedience of us, utter
obedience. We have to do exactly what He tells us to do. We cannot
follow our own mind. If we follow Jesus we must submit ourselves to
His guidance and to His discipline. We must fear Him and we must
respect Him, and when He speaks to us we must humble ourselves and
submit to Him, because He is God, He is Lord. Our God is a consuming
fire and those who walk with Him walk with fire, they fear Him they
respect Him and they love Him.
The kingdom of God is not
about your feelings or your image, it is about Jesus Christ. It is
about dying to self and living for Jesus. It is about obedience and
the fear of God, to serve Him with awe and reverence, because He is
an awesome God. Most believers do not recognize when Jesus is
speaking to them because they do not expect Him to speak to them
harshly, they say it's the devil, but they do not recognize Him
because they do not know Him.
When we follow Jesus, we
live and walk under the fear of God, and we subject ourselves to the
discipline of the Holy Spirit, we serve Him as Lord and Master.
May Jesus bless you.

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