Monday, October 23, 2017

You must Follow and Obey Jesus not just believe

You must follow and obey
Jesus Christ to have salvation, not just believe in Him as so many
people wrongly believe. Faith without works is dead. If we confess
that we believe in Jesus but we do not follow nor obey Him, then our
faith cannot save us.
Jesus Christ is the way
and the truth and the life and we have to follow Him to have eternal
life. We cannot follow Jesus unless we turn from our own ways and go
after Him. We cannot follow Him if we do not know Him. We cannot
follow Him if we do not hear His voice. If we believe in Jesus we
will obey His commands, we will repent of going after our own ways,
we will repent of sin and we will go after Jesus, and we will obey
His commands; repent and be baptized and Jesus promised to give His
Holy Spirit in those who obey Him, who repent and who are baptized
and the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Christ in us will guide us into all
truth. We cannot follow Jesus unless we have the Holy Spirit. We
cannot be pleasing to Jesus unless we follow the guidance of the Holy
You need to repent and be
baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit before you can follow Jesus
Christ. Many believe that they are saved just because they believe in
Jesus, but they are deceived. They do not know Him. How can they
follow Him? Have you repented and been baptized in water and have you
received the Holy Spirit? Do you know the Master's voice? Do you
follow and do you obey Him, or do you just believe that you are
saved? Because, if you don't know Jesus He will say to you:"Go
away, I never knew you." We need to follow and obey Jesus Christ
and stay with Him until the very end to have eternal life.
May Jesus bless you.

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