Sunday, October 22, 2017

Your salvation is your responsibility

Each and every one of us
must work out our own salvation. Our salvation depends on our
relationship with Jesus Christ. Our salvation does not depend on what
we believe or just whom we believe in, but if we believe that Jesus
Christ is Lord and that He is the final authority, that He will
decide who will go into heaven and who will go into hell then, we
have to take Him seriously.
We have to obey Him and we
have to make sure that He is pleased with us. Many people think that
they only need to believe in Jesus for salvation, but if we do not
know Him, follow Him and obey Him then we will not enter His kingdom.
Nobody else can work on your relationship with Jesus for you. You
need to work on your own relationship with Jesus and make sure that
He is pleased with you. Jesus said that if we obey His words, His
commands, if we repent and are baptized in water, and live according
to His teachings then He will reveal Himself to us. He will give his
Holy Spirit in us to teach and guide us. He will come and dwell in us
and He will be with us until the very end, but we have to stay with
Him. We have to go after Him. If we leave Him then we will go stray.
He will not hold us back, but we have to go after Him and seek His
approval. We must make sure that we are pleasing to Jesus.
We have to work out our
own salvation with fear and trembling. We have to make sure that our
relationship with Jesus is right, every day until the very end. Many
believe they are saved but they do not know Jesus, they do not obey
Him, they have not received His Holy Spirit, they do not know His
voice and they do not follow Him. Many of them are preachers,
believers, people who know the Bible well, religious people, but
they do not know Jesus and they do not follow Him. They are
practicing religion and when they die they will stand before Jesus
and He will say to them:"Go away, I never knew you, you workers
of wickedness."
The only way that we can
be pleasing to Jesus is if we follow Him, if we hear His voice and
listen to him and if we receive confirmation from Him that he is
pleased with us. Work out your own relationship with Jesus. Do not
trust anybody else, because nobody else can work on your relationship
with Jesus. It is your own responsibility. Your relationship with
Jesus will determine where you spend eternity, in heaven or in hell.
Is Jesus pleased with you. Are you living in close relationship with
Jesus and doing what is pleasing to Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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