Saturday, October 28, 2017

Most Christians Never Become Spiritually Mature

Most Christian believers never become mature children of God. A mature
born again child of God is led by the Spirit if God, he follows Jesus
Christ. He knows the Master's voice and he bears fruit for the kingdom
of God. He bears fruit because he is led by the Spirit and he is IN
Christ, he does what the Holy Spirit guides him into doing.
Most Christian believers never grow to that maturity. The majority of
them die as spiritual babes. Many think that they have salvation because
they just believe in Jesus Christ, but they do not realize that Jesus
will say to them one day:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of
We need to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ, the living God.
We must bear fruit for the kingdom of God, and we can only do that if we
have received and are led by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ.
Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing. Most believers are busy with
dead religious practices. Others occupy themselves with Bible study, and
many run after other people. They run after preachers, they look for
the fellowship of other believers, other Christians, but they have no
fellowship with Jesus.
We can only know Jesus for real, follow Him, and do what is pleasing to
Him if we are close to Him, if we hear His voice, if we know Him for
Most believers never reach that maturity. They never get that close to
Jesus. They never take the time and the effort to truly seek Jesus with
all their heart, so that they can hear from Him, learn from Him, be led
by Him and receive revelation from Him.
Are we following Jesus? Do we truly know Him? Have we come to spiritual
maturity, where we know Jesus and nothing deters us, nothing prevents us
from following Jesus? Is our trust in Him? Are we so sure of our
relationship with Jesus that nothing moves us from following Him,
obeying Him and doing His will?
We have to grow to maturity to be able to bear fruit for the kingdom of
God. It is only through our relationship with Jesus, our obedience to
Him, being led by His Holy Spirit and doing His will, that we can be
pleasing to Him.
Have we become spiritually mature? Are we striving and seeking? Do we
really want to get into that close relationship with Jesus, or do we not
care enough about Jesus and the kingdom of God? Because, if we are not
serious about Jesus then we will have no place in His kingdom.
We must grow to spiritual maturity, as children of God, so that we can
work for the kingdom and inherit the kingdom of God that is promised to
those who love and obey Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.

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